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Avera Community Training Center

Avera Community Training Center is recognized by the American Heart Association as a Training Center for its CPR such as Heartsaver, First Aid, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). These courses are taught by certified American Heart Association instructors affiliated with the Avera Community Training Center.

Instructor Rosters and Forms

  1. Download and complete the appropriate roster or form in Internet Explorer.
  2. Submit completed roster or form to
  3. Submit appropriate payment. Use the link below. Payment will be verified prior to printing any cards. Rosters will be returned if appropriate payment has not been made.

Pay for cards online »

Roster Forms (Complete in Internet Explorer):

Additional Forms:

Access specific forms and details on how the form should be used.


An eCard is the electronic equivalent of a printed course completion card and can be provided to students as an alternative to a printed card. eCards are valid course completion cards and can be presented to employers as proof of successful completion of an AHA course. Like printed cards, eCards also expire two years from the issue date.

eCard FAQ

How to Claim Your AHA eCard

Alignment Agreement

Avera & Community Instructor Chart

Instructor Monitoring and Renewal Checklist

Instructor monitoring form

Instructor renewal checklist

The instructor monitoring form needs to be completed by either AHA Regional Faculty or Training Center Faculty for the discipline in which the instructor teaches. The monitoring form along with the Instructor Renewal Checklist needs to be sent to the Training Center in order to renew instructorship. Monitoring is part of the instructor renewal process and can take place at any time between the dates on your Instructor card. This must be completed prior to card expiring.

Student Course Evaluation

Student course evaluation

Each student should be given the opportunity to evaluate both the course they are participating in and the instructor who is teaching the course. These forms can be turned in to the instructor at the end of the course, mailed directly to the American Heart Association, or submitted to the Training Center the instructor is aligned with.

Duplicate Instructor Card Request

Duplicate Instructor card request form

Duplicate card request is completed by a participant who in the event needs to request a duplicate card. This must be submitted to the training center for processing. Only the original training center that issued the card can process the request and issue the duplicate card.

Records Transfer Request

Records transfer request

In the event that an instructor wishes to transfer their records the instructor completes an instructor records transfer request. The Training Center (TC) coordinator of the TC where the instructor is transferring signs the request and sends it to the instructor’s original TC or the instructor may send the request to the original TC.

Notice to Primary Training Center of Instructor Activity

Notice to Primary Training Center of Instructor Activity form

When an instructor teaches a course at a Training Center (TC) other than his or her primary TC, this form is to be completed and sent to the instructor’s primary TC. A letter with the same information or a copy of the course roster (without scores) may also meet this requirement.

Heartsaver for K-12 Consent Form

The Heartsaver for K-12 Schools course completion card was created to provide a cost-effective Heartsaver course completion card for K-12 school systems. The card signifies that an individual in the K-12 school system has successfully completed the objectives and skills evaluations in accordance with the curricula of the AHA Heartsaver programs. This card may be issued to school students, faculty and staff of the school. A Parental Consent to Participate form must be completed by parents/guardian of students under the age of 13 and submitted with roster to Avera Community Training Center. Please remember instructors are to keep a copy for their records.

AHA Disclaimer Statement

AHA Disclaimer Statement

The following disclaimer must be printed on all TC promotional brochures, announcements, agendas, or other materials distributed to students in courses for which fees are charged.

Feedback Device Requirement

These forms are the most up to date forms that Avera CTC will accept. Using any other versions may result in having to resubmit your paperwork.

For troubleshooting help or questions, please contact or call (605)668-8475.


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