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Patient Care Technician

Course Overview


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The Facility-Based Patient Care Tech Online Training Solutions course is designed to complement the employer’s training curriculum. This online education provides information on 14 topics applicable to Patient Care Techs.

Your students can complete this material in approximately 4 hours. Each topic consists of a presentation, key terms and a quiz. More than one short video also accompanies most topics.

Videos and Quizzes


Students will have access to eight skills videos including:

  • Blood pressure
  • Bedpan use
  • Different bedpans
  • Handwashing
  • Vital signs
  • Repositioning
  • Transfers
  • I&O calculations

Each student can repeat the course activities as many times as they wish and learn the material at their own pace.


The quizzes in this course are progressive, meaning that the student must pass one quiz with 80 percent before moving on to the next. Students can attempt the quizzes as many times as necessary to achieve a passing grade. Students must achieve at least 80% or answer 40 out of 50 questions correctly on the final exam. They are allowed two attempts at the final exam.

Course Description

Modules with Learning Activities

  • Module 1: Introduction to Health Care (9 min.)
    Students learn about the purposes of health care facilities and about the typical organizational structure.
    Presentation, Video, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 2: The Nursing Assistant (13 min.)
    Nursing assistants and patient care techs need to be special people. They need to balance getting tasks completed along with showing the patients that they care.
    Presentation, Video, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 3: Communication & Interpersonal Skills (13 min.)
    Students learn the elements of communication and will know the dierence between verbal and nonverbal communication.
    Presentation, Video, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 4: Body Systems & Common Diseases (28 min.)
    Students learn about the body system and common diseases.
    Presentation, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 5: Vital Signs (17 min.)
    Observation is one of the most important jobs of a patient care tech. Many problems appear through changes in a person’s vital signs.
    Presentation, Video, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 6: Positioning, Moving and Ambulation (22 min.)
    There are several things to remember when positioning, moving, or transporting patients. Knowing the proper procedures for performing these tasks is important to your safety and the patients.
    Presentation, Videos, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 7: The Patient’s Environment (18 min.)
    As a patient care tech, you will play a role in assisting sta with admitting, transferring, and discharging patients. New patients will gain their rst look of the facility from you and your coworkers.
    Presentation, Video, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 8: Hygiene & Grooming (18 min.)
    Hygiene and grooming are basic activities of daily living. Patients in health care facilities usually need some assistance in meeting these needs.
    Presentation, Video, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 9: Nutrition (15 min.)
    Meeting patients’ needs for food and drink is an important part of the patient care tech job.
    Presentation, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 10: Elimination Needs (15 min.)
    As a patient care tech, you will assist patients in meeting their elimination needs. Elimination of waste products from the body is a normal process, however, some patients may have conditions interfering with normal elimination.
    Presentation, Video, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 11: Specimen Collection & Testing (7 min.)
    As a patient care tech, you may assist in collecting specimens.
    Presentation, Videos, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 12: AM & PM Care (5 min.)
    Patient care techs assist in meeting the needs of patients day and night.
    Presentation, Video, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 13: Preoperative & Postoperative Care (6 min.)
    If you are a patient care tech in acute care, you will work with patients who are having surgery. You will learn the routines of preoperative and postoperative care.
    Presentation, Videos, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 14: Death & Dying (11 min.)
    Nursing assistants and patient care techs see death during the course of work. Your role in caring for people who are terminally ill is very important. You need to know what to do as death approaches and what to do after death.
    Presentation, Video, Key Terms, Quiz
  • Module 15: Skills Videos (31 min.)
    This series of short videos illustrate some of the skills important to patient care techs.

  • Final Test: 50 questions

Estimated times to complete modules are approximate. Based on length of presentation and videos. It does not include key terms or quiz.


Facilities are encouraged to provide students with a copy of “The Nursing Assistant” by JoLynn Pulliam (5th ed.) as a resource while navigating the course. Once registered and enrolled, student log-ins will be active for 90 days. Our staff will provide the facility contact with a record of the student’s final exam grade(s). Students have access to their grades while enrolled. The facility may require that the student print off a list of quiz grades.

If your facility is interested in this training, contact us at 605-668-8475 and we will provide you with additional course information and a registration link.

The Facility-Based Patient Care Tech On-Line Training Solutions course provides one step in a series needed for the successful training of your employees.


The information contained in this program is for general educational purposes only. While we Endeavour to ensure that the information in this program is correct, we do not warrant its completeness or accuracy; nor do we commit to ensuring that the information provided after year 2012 remains available or that the material in this program is kept up-to-date.

Avera Education & Staffing Solutions, Yankton, SD, accepts no responsibility for and will not be liable for the practice of unlicensed or licensed personnel related to use of this program. It is not meant to be used for resident/patient education, or as medical advice. We do not accept responsibility for technical issues or loss or damage of program. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Course Outcome

Course Outcome

At the end of this online course, the student should be able to:

  • Summarize their role in the healthcare system.
  • Recognize effective and poor communication.
  • Generalize the patient environment along with related care items such as taking vital signs, hygiene & grooming, nutrition, elimination needs, specimen collection, and AM & PM care.

This course is intended to give students a glimpse at their potential role as a Patient Care Tech. It provides introductory information for someone who may be new to a healthcare career. This course provides facilities with one more tool to incorporate into their well-rounded training curriculum for Patient Care Techs.

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