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Resident assistants work with the elderly or disabled in assisted living facilities, group homes, other related care facilities. Facilities may be part of nursing homes and nursing facilities, while others are part of retirement communities. Examples of Resident Assistant job titles may include: Resident Care Assistant, Resident Assistant/CNA, Resident Associate, Resident Care Partner, Resident Life Enrichment Assistant, Resident Care Staff, and as many other titles a facility may wish to consider.

Resident assistants provide residents of residential care facilities with compassionate and individualized assistance with essential activities of daily living. This position works within a care team, assisting residents with: hydration, nutrition, bathing, grooming, personal care tasks, laundry, cleaning, and other related support tasks to help the resident to remain as independent as possible in their living environment. Some resident assistants may receive training and gain state registry status as an unlicensed medication aide. Resident assistants interact with their residents and their families throughout their days, including promoting enjoyment of hobbies and related leisure activities. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects that employment of nursing aides, including resident care assistants, will increase 18% from 2014-2024. Medical technologies will continue to lengthen the lives of elderly and ill patients, requiring additional resident care assistants to provide for their needs. This online Resident Assistant course is designed to contribute to the training of a residential care facility employee, in addition to the facility's individualized training program, policy and procedures, and state/federal or other required instruction.

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Remember to consult your supervisor or facility administrator with questions about the level of care you are to provide. The level of care will depend upon what your facility is licensed to provide. Review and understand your facility's policies and procedures. Ask supervisors any time you are unclear of your role or how a policy is to be interpreted or a procedure carried out. 

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