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Project SYNCH: SYstems of Native Community Health

SYstems of Native Community Health (SYNCH) works together with community members at all levels to empower community health and well-being for Rapid City residents. We focus on intimate partner violence, alcohol misuse, and how these things affect pregnancy, all of which cause harm to a community.

SYNCH brings people together to not only talk about the challenges our communities face, but our strengths and resiliency as well. We bring the elements of systems science to the challenges we face.

Community Based Research to Improve Native American Health

Our research isn’t done by scientists in a lab. The community is a vital part of our research process; each one unique in terms of its history, relationships, resources and obstacles. Together, we brainstorm ideas for solutions along with ways to put those ideas into action.

To achieve this, we bring together diverse voices, experiences and perspectives to find ways to make families and communities healthier. Knowing that each community and family is distinctive in their needs, we seek to find real solutions that improve current programs or recommend new tailored resources.

Why We Need You

Your voice matters because you are a member of the community. Your information is important to getting a true picture of the issues and together finding meaningful community-built solutions.

Current Studies

SYNCH Collective

Currently, SYNCH Collective focuses on research around topics of intimate partner violence, alcohol and substance misuse, and alcohol-exposed pregnancy. Our passion and dedication to these topics come from a personal, as well as professional, place.

We invite all individuals over the age of 18 with professional or personal experience with issues related to Native American health, alcohol-exposed pregnancy, intimate partner violence, or substance use to participate in one of SYNCH's research sessions.

This involves getting together in small groups and developing a big picture view of how causes and effects of these issues relate to each other.

Individuals who participate in the research sessions will receive up to $200 for their time, depending on the type of session they choose. You can participate in 1 session that will be approximately 1 1/2 hours ($50), or 2 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart, each lasting 3 hours ($100 per session).

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