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4400 West 69th Street Sioux Falls, SD 57108

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Avera Behavioral Health Center

Avera has 60 years of experience as a leader in behavioral health care in the region. Opened in 2006, the Avera Behavioral Health Center is a state-of-the-art 110-bed psychiatric facility offering both inpatient and outpatient behavioral health care. Specialized inpatient units are available for children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens. This is the only multi-specialty facility within a 200-mile radius of Sioux Falls.

You’ll enjoy a serene and beautiful design that focuses on care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. An original art collection, indoor waterfall, chapel and bright atmosphere promote an environment of respect and dignity.

In this safe, therapeutic environment, visitor hallways are separate from the main foyer, and inpatient areas are separated further by secured doors. Most rooms are private, accessed from welcoming and comfortable common areas.

Behavioral Health Expansion Benefits People of All Ages

Avera Behavioral Health Addition RenderingFor the first time, Avera will offer residential addiction care for youth, as well as 24/7 psychiatric urgent care for all ages, by building a new four-story wing at the Avera Behavioral Health Center in Sioux Falls.

The completed project will allow more individuals of all ages to receive inpatient behavioral health care at Avera.

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Specialized Services and Technology

In addition to inpatient care, Avera Behavioral Health Center offers partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care. Counseling and therapy are offered for individuals, children, teens and families for needs such as marriage or relationship difficulties, grief, depression, anxiety and more.

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery is offered different levels for individuals, couples or families affected by substance abuse and/or compulsive gambling. Daytime or evening options are available.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program: An ASAM 2.1 Level of Care/Primary Treatment process that involves group therapy sessions and individual and/or couples counseling.
  • Early Intervention Group: An ASAM 1.0 Level of Care designed to help participants gain insight about substance abuse, addiction and recovery-related concepts. Group therapy is combined with individual counseling services.
  • Relapse Prevention Group: Designed for individuals who have completed primary treatment and achieved stability in early recovery. This group program is focused on helping clients cope with personal issues while safeguarding the gains they have made relative to relapse prevention.
  • Pain Management Groups: Structured group therapy designed to assist individuals with medication and substance use issues as well as mental health-related concerns. Biofeedback treatment services also are offered when appropriate.
  • Professional Services: Specialized assistance is available to health care/licensed professionals who are experiencing the adverse effects from a substance abuse or addiction-related condition.

As a member of the Hazelden Betty Ford Patient Care Network, Avera leadership, staff, patients, families and communities also have access to tools, resources and collaborative consultations from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation – the nation’s leading nonprofit addiction treatment provider.

Watch a Walkthrough featuring the Avera Behavioral Health Center

Addiction Care Center

Sioux Falls is also home to the Addiction Care Center on the Avera on Louise Health Campus. This world-class residential care center offers inpatient addiction care for adults seeking professional help for addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

This two-building center includes a residential building with 32 private rooms and a main building with space for day treatment, group dining and a meditation room that’s respectful of all faiths.

Treatment typically lasts 28 days and encompasses care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Treatment includes best practices from a variety of different recovery approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing.

Read more about the Addiction Care Center including an introductory video and photo tour.

Partial Hospital Program

If you or a loved one need stabilizing behavioral health care to help avoid or reduce inpatient hospitalization, take part in Avera Behavioral Health’s Partial Hospital Program.

Available at Avera Behavioral Health Center in Sioux Falls, SD, this five day a week program supports intensive comprehensive treatment for patients aged 18 or older in the nearby Sioux Falls area, along with flexibility of remaining an outpatient.

Read more about the Partial Hospital Program

Partial hospital programs typically run Monday through Friday for three weeks. Individuals participate in four hours of therapy per day.

Benefit from being able to receive treatment and learn coping skills while still living at home, working or going to school, and being an active member in your family and community.

Multidisciplinary treatment is available for a wide range of behavioral health conditions. Your customized treatment plan may include: group therapy, individual counseling, family meetings, physician oversight, medication management and discharge planning.

Who is the Program for?

  • Individuals experiencing acute symptoms of a psychiatric disorder that is impairing your activities of daily living and ability to function safely
  • Individuals who are not succeeding in a traditional outpatient setting
  • Individuals who are motivated to engage in a group-based treatment setting on a daily basis

Even without an official diagnosis, you can find the help you need if you have any symptoms of depression and anxiety including:

  • Decreased functioning at home, work or school
  • Isolation
  • Loss of motivation
  • Mood swings or irritability

Call 605-322-4056 to schedule your free assessment.

ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy) Treatment

ECT (electro-convulsive therapy) is a treatment for certain psychological disorders in which our highly-trained professionals utilize electrical current to produce a closely supervised, medically induced seizure. ECT has been shown to be effective in treating major depression, bipolar disorder and schizo-affective disorder. We place a priority on safety, dignity, privacy, comfort and convenience.

Arts In Healing

Experience innovative and creative healing through our Arts In Healing program. You and your therapist can select the approaches that work best for you, including:

  • Expressive therapy – Uses creative arts such as storytelling, dance, music, drama, poetry, movement and more to foster personal growth, development and healing
  • Music therapy – Provides healing and expression through creating, singing and moving to and/or listening to music
  • Art therapy – Focuses on using the use of art materials such as paint, chalk and markers to explore alternate ways of communicating thoughts and feelings
  • Recreational therapy – Helps reduce depression, stress and anxiety, and recover basic motor confidence and social interaction skills through exercises and stretching

Avera Medical Group Psychiatry Clinics

Offices are on site for Avera’s major psychiatric groups, Avera Medical Group University Psychiatry Associates and Avera Medical Group Midwest Psychiatric Medicine, making the Behavioral Health Center a one-stop location for care.

On-site Food and Beverages: The Bistro

The main floor of the Avera Behavioral Health Center, also known as the Light Court, is home to the Bistro, open 6:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Bistro offers daily breakfast and lunch specials, as well as sandwiches, soup, rolls, fruit, yogurt, snack items, coffee and beverages.

Support & Education

Free, Confidential Assessment Line

Below is a list of behavioral warning signs everyone should know.

  • Acting withdrawn, sad or overly anxious
  • Extreme difficulty interacting with friends and/or siblings
  • Substantial mood swings
  • Persistent drop in school performance
  • Change in sleeping and/or eating patterns
  • Increased or persistent use of alcohol or drugs
  • Persistent aggressive behavior
  • Threats to self or others
  • Hallucinations, paranoia or delusion
  • Other sudden or extreme changes

If a mental health problem is suspected, don’t hesitate to call our 24-hour assessment line at 1-800-691-4336 or 605-322-4065.

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