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1000 E. 23rd Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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Innerpath Store

Monday – Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Avera Medical Group Integrative Medicine Sioux Falls

Two Convenient Locations

Avera Medical Group Integrative Medicine now has two locations. The same providers you see at our 23rd Street clinic in the Prairie Center are now available at our new 69th Street and Minnesota clinic.

Both locations share the same hours and can be reached at 605-322-3241.

Complement your medical treatment with integrative medicine therapies such as medical acupuncture, herbal and dietary supplement counseling, massage therapy, meditation, aromatherapy and mind-body exercise.

Also known as holistic or complementary medicine, integrative medicine helps you manage symptoms and enhance your sense of well-being.

Benefit from our team approach, in which we collaborate with your other providers, such as a primary care physician, to ensure that you receive the comprehensive care you need.


Contact Avera Medical Group Integrative Medicine

Contact us to learn more about therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, nutritional counseling, mind-body movement and weight management.


The ancient healing practice of acupuncture is used for a wide range of conditions, such as pain, headaches, nausea, neuropathy and more. Acupuncture treatments are based on a Chinese system of healing that can restore qi (pronounced “chee”). A practitioner inserts needles at points along the meridians, where the energy pathway is close to the surface of the skin. Both the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health recognize that acupuncture can be a helpful part of a treatment plan for many illnesses.


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. Aromatherapy is sometimes used in combination with massage and other therapeutic techniques as part of a holistic treatment approach. Aromatherapy can help alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, nausea and pain.

Mind-Body Movement

Focused movement of the body, or movement therapy, can have a positive effect on body, mind and spirit. Movement therapy increases flexibility, relieves stress, strengthens muscles, improves coordination and reduces tension. Available mind-body classes include yoga, tai chi, singing bowls/meditation and mindfulness.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Relaxation Classes.

Integrative Medicine offers Yoga, Tai Chi and relaxation classes. Get your 6 class punch card for only $30 or a 12 class punch card for $50. Call 605-322-3241 for more information.

View our Class Schedule

Nutrition Services

Integrative Medicine carries nutritional and herbal supplements supplied by manufacturers which ensure a pure, safe product. In addition, certified health coaches can provide insight on many nutritional challenges, such as weight gain or loss, food allergies, digestive issues and disease prevention.

Therapeutic Massage

Deep or light pressure applied to the soft tissues promotes muscle relaxation, myofascial release and increasing local blood flow and lymph flow. Benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, rehabilitating after injury, easing pain and promoting overall health and wellness.

Cancer Care Services

During cancer treatment, Avera Cancer Institute in Sioux Falls offers complimentary aromatherapy, massage, music therapy, arts, and relaxation activities. Access our video library to learn about potential side effects associated with treatment and how to use makeup to its fullest potential during cancer treatments.

Outpatient therapy services, available in-person or through telemedicine, focus on helping cancer patients and their loved ones through the emotionally distressing phases of cancer treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques are used to help address issues such as anxiety, fear and depression. It can also help people coping with cancer-related body changes, family and relationship issues as well as grief. Call 605-322-3241 to schedule an appointment.

Weight Management

We're concerned with your nutrition, and how changing your diet will impact any current conditions you have or medications you take. Our medical direction is complemented by health coaching. Ideal Living is a program that promotes fat loss while supporting muscle mass. Free introductory seminars are held from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. the fourth Thursday and 12:15 – 1:15 p.m. the second Monday of each month in the Prairie Center.

Innerpath Store

The Innerpath Store, located on the ground floor of the Prairie Center, carries products related to integrative medicine, including aromatherapy oils and nutritional and herbal supplements, as well as specialty items for cancer patients. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Patient Forms

To save time, you can download, print and fill out patient forms in advance including: men's health history, women's health history and clinic health history.

Patient Testimonial

Anja Hoekman

Don and Anja HoekmanAnja Hoekman’s holistic approach to diet isn’t about weight loss or self-denial.

It’s all about building muscle, feeling energetic and enjoying satisfying, natural meals that focus on delicious ingredients and leave the processed products on the shelf.

She also had help.

Dr. (Julie) Reiland and I were discussing ways I could build muscle and get more protein, and her recommendation was for me to work with an integrative medicine coach,” Hoekman said. “Becky (Hanzen) and I worked together. I had an idea about what I needed to do, but she got me to the level I’m at now.”

That level includes plenty of fresh vegetables, delightful salads with freshly made vinaigrettes and lean proteins as well as 3 mile daily walks with her husband, and wellness center classes. Becky gave her some challenges to take on, too.

“That’s what I like about working with her: she’s encouraging but she challenges me to add things, omit things and find substitutions,” she said. “We focus on good nutrition, and along the way I maintain a healthy weight.” Read the rest of Anja's story >>

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Avera also offers many classes for health care professionals and other opportunities for health care professionals, including programs for pharmacy residency, radiologic technology and emergency medical services.

Live Better. Live Balanced. Avera.

Avera is a health ministry rooted in the Gospel. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values.

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