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4509 Prince of Peace Place Sioux Falls, SD 57117


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Benefit from around-the-clock medical care in a setting that offers the warmth and security of home. Contact us at 605-322-5490.


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Dougherty Hospice House

The Dougherty Hospice House provides around-the-clock medical care in a setting that offers the warmth and security of home. Located on the peaceful campus of Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community in Sioux Falls, SD, the building’s design celebrates life, with an emphasis on daylight and scenic views.

Comfortable Suite Layout

Each private patient suite has an adjoining family area. Rooms have a home-like design, yet include the medical technology needed for the care of seriously ill patients. Patients may enjoy meals with other residents in the dining rooms, or have meals brought to their private suite.


Other amenities of the house include a meditation room, resource library, dining area, living room, four-seasons sun porch, and children’s play area. Throughout the house are more than 90 pieces of original art, conveying messages of hope, dignity, joy, spirituality, comfort and concern.

Hospice Care Environments

The majority of hospice care through Avera@Home is delivered in the patients’ home, or in the home of a family member. But when inpatient care is a necessity, the Dougherty Hospice House is a home away from home – greatly enhancing the care of individuals facing end of life and their families. Benefit from other features that include:

  • Natural lighting and open views
  • Private patient suites, with private bathrooms
  • In-suite guest sleeping accommodations
  • Small refrigerator in each suite
  • Daily menu options and snacks
  • Built-in medical and technology features
  • Open visitation
  • Wireless Internet
  • Beautiful meditative garden

The house is staffed 24 hours per day by skilled hospice nurses and patient care technicians to focus on patient comfort and well-being. This includes medication administration, personal care, bathing, transfers, meal delivery and additional services. The Hospice Chaplain offers individual or family spiritual care, and serves as a liaison to your local church.

  • Entrance

    Outside entrance

  • Garden

    Outdoor garden

  • Cafe


  • Salon


  • Chapel


  • Grand piano

    Grand piano

  • Family Area

    Family area

  • Bedroom


  • Bathroom


Levels of Hospice Care

  • Acute: This level of care addresses intense pain or other symptoms, such as nausea, severe shortness of breath, or complex medical needs.
  • Respite: Five-day respite care is available under Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurances to provide caregiver relief.
  • Residential: Some patients choose to reside at the Dougherty Hospice House for extended hospice care. For this level of hospice care, generally your insurance will cover medical costs, but you will be billed for daily room and board fees.

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