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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers serve patients and families in many ways. We have volunteers that range in age from 16 to over 90! All are welcome to join us in our healing ministry. Opportunities exist at the hospital, in clinics, in Hospice and at Avera Prince of Peace. There are over 100 areas in which to volunteer.

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Positions We Are Currently Looking to Fill

The table below contains a list of current volunteer positions available and the times needed. Click on the drop-downs for a short description of each position. This information is updated regularly.

Available Positions

Avera Surgery Center Greeter

Assist the valet at the Prairie Center with greeting visitors and keeping keys.

T, Th, F 8-12

Avera Surgery Center Guide

Assist and greet the public at the main entrance of the Avera Surgery Center, answer questions, and direct patients and visitors to general locations on the hospital campus.

F 7:30-12

Behavioral Health Information Desk

Serves as a receptionist in the Lobby of the 69th Street Behavioral Center, helping visitors locate patient room numbers, gives directions, answers questions, and maintains a tidy waiting area.

F 8-12

Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine Reception

Act as receptionist for patients/outpatients and families as they come to the department and notify staff of patient's arrival. Assist the family in keeping track of amount of time test would take.

F 8-12

Dialysis Hospitality

Function as greeter and guide in the Lobby of the Plaza 3 Dialysis Center.

W, F 12:30-3

Digestive Disease Reception

Serves as hostess-receptionist in the Waiting Room of Digestive Disease Institute in Plaza 1, escorting family members to the appropriate ready room after a procedure is complete, and assembling paperwork packets for patients.

Th 7:30-11:30

ER Assistant (pre-med)

Assists in tasks that will help with the flow of activities in the Emergency Room, including patient care and transfers as directed by staff, and delivering charts from ER to other units.

M, W, F 1-5

ER Greeter Desk

Assists and welcomes the public entering Avera McKennan Hospital by helping them locate their destination, and assists the Emergency Department Registration Secretary with clerical duties.

Sun 10-1

Express Admit Unit

Assists staff in the Admissions Center, assembling charts, cleaning carts and transporting patients to their destination.

M, T, W, Th, F 12-4;
W 4-7

Hospice (Orientation twice per year)

Provides support services to patients, families and staff in accordance with patient plans of care. Orientation is held twice a year.

To Be Determined

Information Desk, Lobby

Assists and welcomes the public entering Avera McKennan Hospital facility by helping them locate their destination, using the hospital computer data base. This volunteer must communicate well with people and maintain a pleasant disposition.

F 8-12

Information Desk, Skywalk

Assists and welcomes the public entering Avera McKennan Hospital facility by helping them locate their destination, using the hospital computer data base. This volunteer must communicate well with people and maintain a pleasant disposition.

M, T, W, Th 9-12 Th 12-3

Infusion Center, Hospital

Provide assistance to patients to ensure that they receive timely response to their requests, that their comfort is maximized, and that their needs are met.

W, F 5-8

Intensive Care Unit Reception

Answers the phone, checks in family members and visitors of ICU patients, facilitates communication with hospital staff, and offers items to meet physical needs and offers emotional comfort and support.

M, T, W, Th,
F 9-12
W 12-4

Lab Reception Plaza 2

Works in the Lab Draw area greeting and assisting customers, escorting them to other areas if needed, and logging the patient’s arrival.

F 8-12

Lobby Desk Greeter Plaza 2

Assist and welcome the public entering Plaza 2 by helping them locate their destinations.

F 12-4

Mended Hearts (Special requirements)

Offers assistance, support and encouragement to heart disease patients and their families, mainly achieved through hospital visits.

To Be Determined

NICU 4 Concierge

Acts as a welcoming greeter by answering the phone and guiding guests and visitors to NICU 4, assisting in maintaining a secure environment for newborns.

W, Th 8-12 F 4-7 Sun 10-1

Patient Escort

Provides a safe, hospitable method of transporting or escorting patients and families throughout the hospital campus; pushing wheelchairs when necessary, and picking up and delivering items throughout the hospital and clinics.

W, Th 8-12 M, T 12-4;
Th 4-7


Responsible for promptly sending and delivering medications to the appropriate medical unit.

W 1-4

Prairie Center Welcome Desk

Works as a greeter and guide in the Prairie Center, answering guest questions, using the computer system if necessary, and assisting patients in finding and getting to the clinic for their appointment, sometimes by wheelchair.

M 4-6

Prince of Peace Activities

Assists nursing home staff with structured activities, including outings and special events. Visit with the residents/patients who choose not to be involved in group activities.

To be determined.

Radiology Ambulatory Assistant

Greet and “room” patients in the Radiology/Ambulatory unit. Assist with food trays and gathering items from the tube station.

M, T, Th 9-1

Radiology Hospitality

Greet and assist the patient for their upcoming test. Assist the receptionist so that the desk provides the best possible service to the patient.

Th 9-1

Women's Center Concierge

Greets and guides guests and visitors to the Women’s Center; assisting in maintaining a secure environment for newborns.

F 12-4, 4-7

Women's Center Nursery Hospitality

Greets and guides guests that have discharge orders to their vehicle; offers snacks and supplies to the patient rooms; rocks and soothes newborns in the nursery when other duties are not taking place.

M, W 11:30-3
If you would like to speak to someone about volunteering, choose from the following options:

Avera McKennan Volunteer Services at 605-322-7897
Avera McKennan Hospice Volunteers 605-322-7715
Avera Prince of Peace Volunteers 605-322-5605

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