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You Want Health Care That Is Easy

You want health care that’s convenient. Your approach to well-being is likely pretty simple — stay healthy so you can feel your best and enjoy doing what you love. We like your approach.

That’s why Avera makes seeing our providers or using our services as easy as possible — no matter where you live or when you need us. Our network of clinics, hospitals and virtual services connects you to the right care resources at the right time. This includes specialty services, should you need them.

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We’ll Donate in Your Honor

Help Avera move health forward in our communities. Select an option below and we’ll donate in your honor.

  • Give coffee and refreshments to a health care hero on the front lines.
  • Give to a community organization providing nutritious food to those in need.

As a bonus, we’ll send you our Balance email with health and wellness tips.

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How You Use Our Services

1,735,552 Clinic Visits

169,000 Virtual Visits

14,462 Navigation Center

25,560 Home Monitoring

Source: July-2020-June 2021, Virtual visits: March 2020-June 2021

Your Primary Care Team

Your primary care team is your front door to preventive care to stay on track with your health.

  • Yearly checkups and screenings using the latest technology across the region for breast, colon and other common screenings
  • Access to dietitians, health coaches and other wellness resources

You have different options for primary care based on your needs.

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Your Specialty Care

You may need specialty care at some point, whether it’s an injury or managing a chronic condition. You have access to our network of providers in more than 60 specialties when you need it.

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Your Urgent and Emergent Care

You can’t plan for everything, including when you get sick or injured. You have options 24/7 when you need it.

Achieve Your Healthy Weight

Managing your weight can be a challenge at any age. Get the tools to be successful from our well-being experts.

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What People Are Saying

The nurses who did the infusions were just top notch – people I really got to know on a friend level. The prognosis is good even though it went to stage 3. My body has recovered really well from it.

Melissa Carter, breast cancer patient | Watch video

What People Are Saying

I think back to how much pain I endured doing simple things, like getting in and out of bed. There’s no pain now.

Randy Knecht, orthopedics patient | Learn more

What People Are Saying

As an older nurse it was so amazing to see these young girls going into this profession and how good they were, how compassionate they were. I know it’s hard, because they didn’t sign up for this.

Nancy Auch, past COVID patient | Watch video

Moving Health Forward

Avera is a health ministry rooted in the Gospel. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values.

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