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Avera Medical Minute

The Avera Medical Minute is a collaboration between Avera and Dakota News Now. Our goals are to provide helpful community and public health resources – and access to the latest information from Avera.

Please see our health and video library for more details on health conditions and treatments.

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How Can I Protect My Skin from Cancer?

Summer months bring more time outside in the sun. An Avera dermatologist explains how to protect your skin from melanoma and other types of skin cancers.

Avera Race Against Cancer & The Impact for Patients Fighting the Disease

The Avera Race Against Cancer took place on May 7. The money from race donations and entrance fees goes to screening and detection, research, navigation services, a wig program, aromatherapy and massage therapy programs, and an arts and healing program. Learn more about how these donations help cancer patients.

How Genomic Medicine Can Direct Cancer Treatment

Did you know that genomic medicine can improve someone’s cancer survival rate? We spoke with a Stage 4 esophageal cancer patient who had exhausted the traditional cancer treatment options. The success of her chemotherapy was short-lived, and the cancer returned. Through the genomic sequencing of her cancer, doctors found an immunotherapy option that has kept her cancer in check for three years, allowing her to return to her previous active lifestyle.

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Know the Symptoms of a Stroke: Q&A

Strokes are the fifth leading cause of death and the leading cause of disability in the U.S. During Stroke Awareness Month in May, learn the signs and symptoms of a stroke and what to do if you see somebody having one.

Talking to Your Child About Menstruation and Other Topics: Q&A

Talking about personal subjects like menstruation can make parents and children feel a little uncomfortable. Helping your child understand their bodies will help them make good decisions about their health. We spoke with Dr. Dominique Boadwine, an OB/GYN with Avera Medical Group, about this and more in this week’s Q&A.

Avera’s Orthopedic Urgent Care Can Help with Spring Sports Injuries: Q&A

Spring sports are in full swing and with them comes the increased risk of your student-athlete being injured. Do you know where to bring your child in an emergency? We have multiple ways to help you, including the only orthopedic urgent care clinic in the region. Learn more about keeping your child safe from injury and where to take them.

Moving Health Forward

Avera is a health ministry rooted in the Gospel. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values.

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