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Published on June 02, 2017

Avera Announces Partnership With Viviphi

Viviphi Ltd (Denver, CO) and Avera Health (Sioux Falls, SD) announced today that the PrecisionPlan™ platform will be fully implemented across the multi-state cancer system. The Viviphi™ Platform was developed through a clinical collaboration in precision medicine between the two organizations.

PrecisionPlan™ is a cognitive computing platform that generates comprehensive, actionable and patient-specific treatment plans in a matter of seconds. The artificial intelligence solution ingests diagnostic, surgical, demographic and other patient-specific information from the electronic medical record system (EMR) and from next-generation tumor sequencing reference laboratories and then generates personalized treatment plans that comply with nationally respected evidence and offers clinical guidance in precision medicine.

The strategic collaboration was formed in 2016 and has combined Avera’s clinical rules in genomic-based precision medicine and Viviphi’s state-of-the-art cognitive computing platform in oncology. Fred Ashbury, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Viviphi noted that genomic science has opened up a whole new way to think about treating cancers, using targeted therapies and immunotherapies designed to attack the actual drivers of cancer. “These innovative therapies are now significantly improving the odds of survival for many cancer patients who were otherwise compelled to receive multiple lines of treatment using standard of care with substantially greater cost, decreasing chances of success with each line of therapy, increased side effects and poorer quality of life.” Avera is one of a handful of world leaders generating evidence-based knowledge through their practical application of genomic-based precision medicine for cancer patients.

Avera will be the first health system in the world to action patient data through the Viviphi PrecisionPlan™ platform. Implementation and training will occur late in 2017 . The platform was validated in clinic and through the Avera Molecular Tumor Board in February through April of this year. Other leading NCI Cancer Centers in the USA are now contracting with Viviphi and preparing for implementation in their oncology networks.

Existing chemotherapies do not focus on the specific drivers of the individual’s cancer and while they can destroy cancer cells, they can destroy healthy cells too, leading to a lengthier and more expensive recovery. Standard treatments for cancer are not personalized to the patient’s individual circumstances. Precision oncology offers personalized cancer therapies to patients, based on their individual genomic profile. It has been demonstrated that oncology practices that embrace both the best of genomic science and existing nationally accepted standards of care achieve better outcomes for their patients.

The absence, however, of codified clinical rules in precision medicine in oncology has left many clinicians without practical support and access to the latest knowledge and experts in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field of practice. These new diagnostic and treatment interventions come at a considerable cost, and health insurers, hospital leaders, and government payers are requiring that local practicing clinicians demonstrate competence in molecular oncology before ordering expensive next-generation tumor sequencing tests and prescribing many of the new and highly effective targeted therapies, combination treatments, and immunotherapies.

Avera is an active member of the recognized Worldwide Innovative Networking (WIN) Consortium in personalized medicine, which is committed to rapidly translating genomic tailored discoveries into standards of care worldwide. Dr. Brian Leyland-Jones, along with his team, has established a next-generation tumor sequencing laboratory.

Gerry Hogue, President and CEO of Viviphi Ltd, highlighted key differentiators of the Viviphi platform. “The Viviphi solution quite literally puts a virtual peer-to-peer consult in the hands of busy oncologists. These professionals want to make the right decisions for patients, not organize and collate data. Oncologists are able to accelerate decision-making, improve clinical through-put and efficiency, make better and more appropriate decisions at the individual patient level, and generate considerable savings for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other payers, while increasing revenue for their clinic or health care institution.”

Hogue pointed out that the Viviphi PrecisionPlan™ platform is also completely embeddable within the health institution’s electronic medical record solution, should the provider organization choose to implement in this manner.

Dr. David Kapaska, Regional President and CEO of Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center, commented on the drivers of the relationship with Viviphi.  “Avera’s mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values. As such we feel it is our role to share our knowledge and success in the cancer space with physicians, care teams and patients battling this disease. This fundamental belief is what drives our commitment to our collaboration with Viviphi.  It is our desire to help as many cancer patients and their families as much as possible and we feel our relationship with Viviphi will help us accomplish this.”

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