Published on October 06, 2021

Avera Invests Over $50 Million in the People of Avera


To help recruit and retain employees, Avera has announced a $50 million investment in its workforce that will benefit each and every employee in various ways.

“Avera has a long history of attracting talented and dedicated people in a wide range of roles: from physicians, nurses and front-line caregivers, to housekeepers and food service workers, to marketing, IT, finance, HR professionals, and more,” said Kim Jensen, Chief Human Resources Officer for Avera. “Like never before, we want to recruit great employees and retain the great employees we already have.”

The Upper Midwest as well as the entire nation are in the midst of a pandemic-driven workforce shortage. Health care is a people-centered industry, so Avera depends on a capable, well-trained and compassionate workforce to carry out its services.

Avera is moving to a $17 per hour minimum rate of pay across the system.

The investment also includes the following for employees in Avera owned and leased facilities:

  • Appreciation gifts
  • Pay increases of at least $2 per hour for current employees; some positions may receive a higher increase based on market
  • On-call pay increase
  • No annual premium increases for health and dental insurance
  • Cost reductions in select tiers for health insurance
  • $1,000 cash payments to employees who refer someone from outside Avera
  • 40 hours of paid-time off front-loaded for new hires, rather than having to accrue hours over time
  • A new employee discount program

“Avera recognizes that people are our most valued resource. The 20,000 employees of Avera comprise an amazing team,” said Bob Sutton, President and CEO of Avera Health. “Many people have joined Avera because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves and make a positive difference in the lives of others. That’s the Avera mission and we invite like-minded individuals to consider a career with Avera.”


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