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Support Groups

For patients and their families who feel the impact of an illness or injury, there’s nothing quite like the understanding offered by someone who has traveled a similar journey. Support groups allow people to connect with others in similar circumstances, find common ground and realize they are not alone.

Support groups are an ideal setting to share stories of joys and struggles, and celebrations of key milestones. Support groups also offer practical advice and education.

Support groups take different forms, for example, an open group that anyone can join at any time, or a structured program. The benefits are emotional, spiritual and even physical, because support groups can relieve stress that contributes to physical symptoms, or encourage you to stay engaged in your own health care and treatment plan – even when it’s difficult.

Find Support Groups Near You

Avera facilities offer a wide variety of support groups for patients and family members who have experienced cancer, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, transplant, addiction, grief and loss, and more.

To find out about support groups that are meeting in your community or area, check out classes and events at Avera, or ask your local physician, nurse or hospital social worker.

Moving Health Forward

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