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GeneFolio FAQs

How do I know if GeneFolio® is right for me?

The best way to know if GeneFolio Medication Analysis is right for you is to talk with your Avera provider. However, nearly everyone may benefit at some point in their lives from receiving GeneFolio testing. Consider it especially if you:

  • Are preparing for upcoming surgery
  • Are being treated for behavioral health issues such as depression
  • Are being treated for cardiovascular disease
  • Need better pain control for chronic pain
  • Have experienced muscle aches and trouble taking a statin for cholesterol management
  • Take five or more medications

How do I order the GeneFolio test?

You need an appointment with an Avera provider to order the GeneFolio Medication Analysis test.

If you live in the Avera service area (South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota), schedule an appointment with an Avera provider and ask about the GeneFolio test. Your Avera provider can order the test using the lab 605-322-3050. Find an Avera provider.

If you have a non-Avera provider and live outside the Avera service area, we recommend you visit with your physician or medical provider about your desire for pharmacogenomics. If you need further assistance, call 605-322-3050 or complete the contact form.

How much does the GeneFolio test cost? Is it covered by insurance?

GeneFolio is available starting at $179, plus lab fees. Insurance may cover the test in certain cases.

Generally, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) dollars can be used for the GeneFolio test. Check with your FSA or HSA administrator.

In the realm of health care tests, the cost of $179 is relatively low, especially considering the benefits. Plus, when you have co-pays and/or deductibles for prescription drugs, using pharmacogenomics, in addition to other clinical factors, may save you money and time.

What does the GeneFolio test involve?

  • Your Avera provider orders the test and takes a blood sample in the clinic.
  • Avera’s genetic scientists at the Avera Institute for Human Genetics analyze the sample and the pharmacists generate a personalized results report for your doctor or provider.
  • Your easy-to-understand report will tell you how your DNA may affect your body’s response to medications. The report is color-coded like a stoplight and identifies medications as green, yellow or red. Medications that are “green” may work well as there is no or minimal drug-gene interaction (the standard considerations apply). Medications in “yellow” might have a caution attached, for example, a change in the standard dosage. Medications in “red” should be used with caution and may require more monitoring from your physician.
  • You may schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss any potential medication changes.
  • The report is saved in your Avera electronic medical record for future use and can be viewed by you in the Reports section of AveraChart.

How many genes are tested with GeneFolio?

GeneFolio Medication Analysis tests 15 genes that impact medications in four main classes: pain, depression and other psychotropic disorders, statins for cholesterol and certain types of blood thinners. Additional genes and medication classes will be added in the future.

How many medications are included in the GeneFolio test?

GeneFolio analyzes more than 150 medications with additional medications to be added in the future as the science develops.

How long are the results viable?

Your results are viable for a lifetime because DNA doesn’t change. For example, a patient who is tested now for pain management could use the results later when needing medication to control high cholesterol, and so on. Results are kept in your electronic medical record, which can be accessed by medical professionals at any Avera location.

*GeneFolio may not be available in all states.

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