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Our bodies process medications differently because of our unique genetic makeup. Sometimes what works for the average person may not work for you. For example, there are many medication options when it comes to treating depression and anxiety.

That’s where GeneFolio® comes in.

Using pharmacogenomics, GeneFolio Medication Analysis analyzes your DNA to provide insight into how your body processes medications, so you may be able to lower your risk of unwanted side effects and, with your provider, select a medication that is optimal for you.

Inspired Medicine by Avera

With a simple blood draw or saliva sample, GeneFolio Medication Analysis gives your provider access to testing that may help provide:

  • Optimal dosing based on metabolism
  • Increased chances for treatment success
  • Reduced potential for negative side effects

With GeneFolio, your treatment is guided by your distinctive genetic characteristics. This level of personalized care allows you and your doctor to see how medications are metabolized in your body to create a plan that’s right for you.

Avera Institute for Human Genetics also developed GeneFolio Fitness & Nutrition, an analysis that gives you informed reasons to help you design fitness goals that are smart for you, as well as make nutritional changes to improve your well-being, based on genetic variation and traits.

How GeneFolio Medication Analysis Works

Ask your physician or medical provider if GeneFolio testing is right for you. If so:

  1. You will have a blood sample drawn.
  2. A report indicates which medications are optimal for you and which ones might have unwanted side effects.
  3. You may schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss any potential medication changes.
  4. The report is saved in your Avera electronic medical record for future use and can be viewed by you in the Reports section of AveraChart.

Is GeneFolio Right for Me?

Nearly everyone may benefit at some point in their lives from receiving GeneFolio testing. Consider it especially if you:

  • Are preparing for upcoming surgery
  • Are being treated for behavioral health issues such as depression
  • Are being treated for cardiovascular disease
  • Need better pain control for chronic pain
  • Have experienced muscle aches and trouble taking a statin for cholesterol management
  • Take five or more medications

*GeneFolio may not be available in all states.

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