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  • Combat the Winter Blues 1/7/2020

    During winter, more people often report feeling depressed and tired. Whether it’s the “winter blues” or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) there are ways to manage your symptoms.

  • Helping Kids Cope with Scary Stuff in Life 12/3/2019

    From disasters to emergency drills in schools, kids face fears in addition to all the challenges that go along with being children. Here are tips to help your child adjust.

  • Severe Weather Reminds Us: We’re Not in Control 10/15/2019

    When storms and severe weather bring damage and destruction, the impact ripples out across entire communities. When things calm down, people typically do as well. But not always.

  • Anxiety: The Hidden Disease 10/1/2019

    Every person who struggles with an anxiety disorder is different and unique. Steve Tappe and his daughter Laura, talk about her struggles with anxiety and the thanks she has for family, friends and her support group.

  • Hoarding and Mental Health 9/17/2019

    Hoarding – the excessive gathering of stuff, to the point of overflowing, disorganized living conditions — can affect anyone.

  • How to Stay Calm When Facing Your Fears 6/25/2019

    Phobias and fears come from a wide range of sources and may have roots in perceptions – such as claustrophobia or trauma. They can range in level of intensity, too.

  • Newly Approved Medication May Help People With Depression 6/21/2019

    FDA approval of a new nasal spray that helps treatment-resistant depression sufferers is being seen as another tool for managing this mental and emotional health concern.

  • Strong Qualities that Create Strong Teams 6/20/2019

    Businesses flourish or flop based on the team inside the brick and mortar. It’s a feat every manager must conquer: creating a strong team.

  • Teens and Summer Trouble: How to Head It Off 6/6/2019

    As they take summer jobs and have less supervision – school’s out, after all – teens can find themselves facing some challenging situations like experimentation with alcohol and drugs.

  • Living After Loss 5/30/2019

    Angela Kennecke's daughter, Emily, died of fentanyl poisoning in a drug overdose. She wanted to use her grief as a catalyst to raise awareness, stop the stigma and get people treatment who are suffering from substance use disorder.

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