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  • 4 Signs Your Shoes Are Worn Out 5/3/2022

    Pains in your legs, feet and ankles might indicate it’s time to get new shoes. An Avera foot and ankle expert explains how to know if your shoes are worn out.

  • How to Care for Repetitive Use Injuries 3/8/2022

    If you have a stress fracture or runner’s knee, sports medicine can relieve pain from a repetitive strain injury, also known as overuse or overtraining injuries.

  • No Time to Exercise? Four Quick Workout Tips 1/18/2022

    You can still get a workout in when you only have a few minutes to exercise. This Avera fitness expert gives tips to get started.

  • 5 Holiday Myths for Athletes 12/21/2021

    Don’t let false ideas get in the way of your athletic or training success this Christmas. An Avera expert dispels myths about holiday eating.

  • 4 Health Challenges We All Struggle With and What to Do About Them 12/7/2021

    Don’t give up on these common health challenges. Our Avera expert gives tips on how to stick with your health goals and improve your performance.

  • What We Lose in Sweat 11/23/2021

    When you sweat, you lose more than water. Learn what nutrients that perspiration can remove and how to replace them with a good diet that cuts sugar and carbs.

  • Optimize Lunches and Snacks for Your Student Athlete 9/21/2021

    What goes into the lunch or snacks for a busy athletes? Athletes need proper nutrition. Each meal is an opportunity to improve performance.

  • I Tried an AR-FIT Class - Here’s What Happened 8/17/2021

    What happens when you try high intensity training coming off a long exercise slump? I headed to an AR-FIT class to find out.

  • Recipe: Fruity Lime Electrolyte Drink 6/15/2021

    This easy recipe for a Fruity Lime Electrolyte Drink is hydrating and is filled with potassium and sodium – two electrolytes lost when we sweat.

  • Beat the Heat! 5/28/2021

    Summer is meant for spending time outdoors. Learn about heat-related illnesses as well as steps you can take to stay safe during the hot summer months.

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