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  • After All, a Cookie is Still a Cookie 10/13/2020

    It’s easy to fixate on the flashy labeling of a new diet and disregard nutrition facts. Don't assume distinguish dietary restrictions for specific conditions are healthy.

  • Dehydration: It’s Much More than Being Thirsty 10/13/2020

    It might seem simple, especially in the heat of summer, to address the issue of dehydration. But the impacts of it hit our bodies – and our minds – in ways we don’t realize.

  • Helping Remote Workers Stay in Touch – and Stay Motivated 10/13/2020

    People are discovering that there are key advantages to working at home, while others find their focus is diffused by family, the mail arriving or other distractions.

  • Recipe: 5-Ingredient Pumpkin Protein Pancakes 10/13/2020

    'Tis the season for all things pumpkin — and this recipe puts a protein-packed spin on flapjacks you can try for a fun breakfast. (Or a breakfast-for-supper weeknight treat.)

  • Herbs: A Produce Powerhouse 10/6/2020

    Instead of choking down veggies covered in ranch or cheese, try adding fresh herbs to things you like to add important nutrients.

  • Infographic: Checking For Breast Changes 10/6/2020

    Breasts change in many ways as we age, and this information-filled illustration explains what those changes mean in terms of breast cancer risk.

  • Safely Celebrating Halloween During a Pandemic 10/6/2020

    Parents wondering how to handle Halloween celebrations during a pandemic want to keep our kids safe and still provide them with some of the holiday magic.

  • What Are Antibodies and How Can They Help Treat COVID-19? 10/6/2020

    Learn the difference between convalescent and monoclonal antibody therapies and how Avera is involved research efforts for these experimental COVID-19 treatments.

  • Living After Loss 10/1/2020

    Angela Kennecke's daughter, Emily, died of fentanyl poisoning in a drug overdose. She wanted to use her grief as a catalyst to raise awareness, stop the stigma and get people treatment who are suffering from substance use disorder.

  • Early Detection Stopped Prostate Cancer 9/29/2020

    Men, try to avoid being shy about your health – it could save your life. That’s Phil Schreck’s message to all men 50 or older. He faced prostate cancer and had it treated.

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