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  • How to Celebrate the Holidays During a Pandemic 11/17/2020

    After a tough year, it’s time for some fun! However, we have to celebrate the holidays safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Should I Use Creatine? 11/17/2020

    What is creatine and is it necessary for gains in the gym? An Avera sports dietitian answers big questions about creatine.

  • Myth vs. Fact in the Quest to Lower Your Cholesterol 11/11/2020

    The Internet is full of tips for lowering cholesterol. Mary Beth Russell, Registered Dietitian at the Avera Heart Hospital, helps us sort out the myth from the fact.

  • Cranberry: A Super Berry! 11/10/2020

    Cranberries reduce the risk of many infections, decrease inflammation and support digestive health. The fresher and less processed, the more powerful.

  • Holiday Stress or Spirit? 11/10/2020

    Taking a little time to make plans on how to best deal with the stressors that come with the holiday season can allow you to enjoy this time of year.

  • Practice Gratitude – All Month Long 11/10/2020

    November is always a time to practice thankfulness and gratitude, and this year, it is even more important to remember to be grateful.

  • 4 Tips for Immune-Boosting Supplements 11/3/2020

    Nutritious food is the best way to a strong immune system – 70% of that system lives in the gut, after all – but supplemental immune-boosters work.

  • A Trimmed Holiday Dinner 11/3/2020

    The holidays will differ this year, and if you're used to cooking for crowds and need to cut back, these simple, small-scale recipes have you covered.

  • How to Plan for the Changes that Come with Pregnancy 11/3/2020

    Pregnancy brings changes in health insurance, finances and health. See how Avera is walking alongside the Proutys as they expect their first baby.

  • Reap the Benefits of Family Meal Time 11/3/2020

    Families are busy, and sometimes it can be difficult to find time to eat together as a family, but the health benefits are worth the work.

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