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  • Hit Your Fitness Goals at Any Age 7/14/2020

    Designed for all ages, AR-FIT supports anyone’s goals to improve strength and conditioning, and it can hone agility, flexibility, strength and stamina.

  • Summer Sport Camps and Your Kids’ Safety 6/16/2020

    Kids see summer sports camps as a way to help them get better. Moms and dads like this wholesome option for keeping their children active. But are they safe?

  • Home Workouts With Your Family 3/19/2020

    As you hunker down at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), come together as a family to exercise — even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

  • Go From the Sofa to a 5K Finish Line 2/25/2020

    The new Couch to 5K training program at Avera Human Performance Center guides a non-runner through the exercise, miles and motivation needed to get out and take part in a race.

  • Discover Your Inner Athlete 2/17/2020

    Many people feel intimidated by group workouts but you might be surprised to discover that you enjoy the challenge and motivation that comes with having a trainer coach you and others.

  • Get the Whole Family Ready for Race Day 2/11/2020

    An event – like the Avera Race Against Cancer – can be a great way for the entire family to set a concrete goal and get moving.

  • Start Small and Make it Fun: Tips for Fitness in the New Year 12/19/2019

    Jan. 1 embodies the plans, hopes and goal-setting that come with any new year. It can start small – as long as you’re moving.

  • Why Winter Can Be a Great Time to Run 11/26/2019

    Given that you’re healthy enough, anyone can begin running – even in the winter. Lisa Kolda offers several tips for safe and enjoyable winter running.

  • Regenerative Medicine Saves a Full Season of Golf 7/16/2019

    Regenerative medicine – which uses the body’s natural healing system to promote soft cartilage growth – allowed Randy Derheim a non surgical option to hip replacement surgery.

  • Is Chocolate Milk the Best Post-Workout Drink? 6/17/2019

    Chocolate milk, a seemingly odd champion’s choice for post-exercise recovery, has indeed carved a spot as a go-to drink. But what does the science say?

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