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Behavioral Health Support Groups and Resources

Find the mental health support you need across Avera Behavioral Health’s multiple locations in the Upper Midwest. Call our assessment line 24/7 to talk with one of our skilled, compassionate professionals toll-free at 1-800-691-4336.

In southwestern Minnesota, call the Mobile Crisis Response Team’s hotline at 1-800-642-1525. This team of specially trained mental health professionals and practitioners – available 24/7 – serves children and adults of Cottonwood, Jackson, Nobles, Rock and Pipestone counties.

Support for Grief

Struggling with the loss of a loved one? You’re not alone. Grief can affect you, your family, your daily life and work life. Find more information for grief support services or learn more about outpatient counseling and therapy services.

Support for Parents

Although filled with rewards, the enormous responsibility of parenting also presents challenges. Learn how to improve your skills with the support of Avera professionals and other parents when you participate in parenting classes.

You’ll receive information and resources that can positively impact the way you interact with your children and create more constructive, loving and respectful parent and child relationships.

Search our calendar for parenting support groups and classes.

Support for Military Personnel and Families

As a military family, you face unique challenges such as the stress of training, reassignments and deployments.

Find the specialized behavioral health care you need from highly trained therapists at Avera Medical Group Behavioral Health centers across the Avera region in the Upper Midwest. Our experts understand the culture in which you – as veterans and military families – live and work. That means you’ll experience evidence-based care that helps identify, assess and treat mental health issues and medical needs of service members and their families.

Call 1-888-668-8700 for more information.

Support for Farmers and Rural Workers

Difficult farming conditions and a volatile agriculture market creates stress on farmers, ranchers and rural families. These hard-working individuals often feel isolated and need a listening ear. Avera offers the Farm and Rural Stress Hotline where you can talk to one of our skilled, compassionate mental health professionals. It’s free, confidential and available 24/7.

Call 1-800-691-4336 for more information.

Support for the Workplace

Participate in Employee Enrichment Workshops geared toward educating employees on work/life issues. Learn about topics such as balancing work and home, beating burnout, dealing with difficult people, managing stress and a variety of other topics through Avera Employee Assistance Programs.

Behavioral Health Expertise

Find a behavioral health provider at an Avera location near you.

Find a provider

Get Started With a Confidential Assessment

If you suspect a mental health problem, don’t hesitate: call our 24-hour line at 1-800-691-4336 or 605-322-4065.

Everyone should know the warning signs of behavior that can show a developing problem.

Warning signs can include:

  • Acting withdrawn, sad or overly anxious
  • Extreme difficulty interacting with friends and/or siblings
  • Substantial mood swings
  • Persistent drop in school or work performance
  • Change in sleeping and/or eating patterns
  • Increased or persistent use of alcohol or drugs
  • Persistent aggressive behavior
  • Threats to self or others
  • Hallucinations, paranoia or delusion

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