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EAP Resources for Organizations

Management Consultations

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Management consultations are available by phone and there is no limit to the number of consultations an organization may request. 

Avera EAP Management Consultants are experts at providing management consultations for supervisors, managers, and human resources staff to address employee, workgroup, and organizational issues — e.g., employee performance and behavioral problems, workgroup conflicts, workplace violence, and traumatic events impacting the workplace. 

Avera EAP Management Consultants have special training to help management clarify issues, define clear goals, explore options, and construct a positive, workable action plan.

Avera EAP can provide referral options to professionals and/or agencies that provide the following specialized services:

  • Fitness for Duty: A highly specialized medical/mental health evaluation of an employee, initiated by the employer who has grave concerns of an employee’s emotional well-being, and intended to address the employee’s perceived risk of harm to oneself and/or others in the workplace.
  • Threat Assessment: Consultation by trained professionals who have broad experience in assessing the risk of violence in the workplace by employees or non-employees.
  • Mediation: Typically a lengthy process of intervening with a workgroup (two or more employees) whose working relationship has become impaired to the point of a creating a significant workplace disruption.

EAP Training Services

Avera EAP trainings programs can help your team advance their professional skills. Trainings are designed to equip employees and leaders with the tools, knowledge, and confidence needed to maintain productivity, increase morale, and promote safety in your organization.

View a catalog of Avera EAP professional training options.

Avera EAP offers trainings on a wide variety of topics, each of which address current needs and issues within the business world. Organizations have the option of contracting for a single topic training (e.g., “substance abuse”) or participating in a prepared series of trainings (e.g., “leadership modules”). In addition, Avera EAP will help address an organization’s unique needs by developing and delivering customized training programs, upon request. 

Avera EAP trainers are well qualified professionals who have broad experience in delivering trainings to adult learners, and they will engage learners in a way that helps them both absorb and retain the delivered content.

Critical Incident/Trauma Response Services (CISM)

From time to time, an organization may experience a critical incident or an event that may have a traumatic impact on its employees. Avera EAP offers on-site EAP Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) assistance for helping the organization manage and mitigate the impact of traumatic incidents relating to employee deaths, workplace violence, accidents resulting in injuries, natural disasters, or downsizing. 

Avera EAP CISM Counselors have received specialized training for conducting group debriefings, and Avera EAP CISM assistance is based on a resiliency model that helps employees effectively cope with the traumatic event and remain present and focused at work.

Questions and Appointments

For EAP assistance, call 605-322-4069 or 800-527-9394.

Avera EAP offices are located at 5015 S. Crossing Place, Suite 130, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

EAP Services Inquiry for Organizations

Existing client organizations or companies interested in our EAP services can submit a brief online form requesting specific services from our library of EAP offerings. Our team will review and respond with additional questions and information.

Request EAP services

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Virtual Visit for Avera EAP Members

Avera EAP members can also schedule a virtual visit with a licensed counselor through the WebEx app for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Virtual sessions substitute for in-person sessions, providing the same professional service and benefits. Simply download the app on iTunes or Google Play and call 800-527-9394 to request a virtual visit appointment.

Professional EAP Expertise

Avera's experienced team of EAP trainers, consultants and counselors can help address your employee assistance needs.

Read about our team.

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