Aviation Flight Physicals

To fly a plane, aviators need a pilot’s license and a medical certificate, which involves getting a physical from a doctor who is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-certified Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).

FAA Medical Certificate Classes

There are three classes of FAA medical certificates, each with a more restrictive set of physical standards. Although you may apply for any class of medical certification, most pilots apply for the class most applicable to their flying activity.

First-Class Medical Certificate

Commercial airline transport pilots need first-class medical certificates from senior AMEs with two to three years of experience. These pilots must receive physicals every year until age 39. At 40, they need a flight physical every six months.

Second-Class Medical Certificate

Second-class certificates are for commercial pilots, including corporate aviators, crop dusters, aero-medical pilots, charter pilots, or navigators and first officers of commercial airline flights. They need a flight physical every year.

Third-Class Medical Certificate

The third-class certificate covers recreational and private pilots. Before age 40, they must have a flight physical every five years; after age 40, they need one every two years.

To learn more about FAA requirements and pilot medical certification visit the Federal Aviation Administration.

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