Cancer Care

When you live with cancer or receive a cancer diagnosis, you want an experienced health care partner to help you through every stage of your journey. That’s what makes Avera Cancer Institute your best choice.

Nationally Accredited Cancer Care

Gain from the expertise of Avera cancer specialists — including medical oncologists, hematologists, transplant physicians, gynecologic oncologists, radiation oncologists, genetic counselor and oncology-trained nurses. Our surgeons treat breast, colorectal, pancreatic and other cancers. All of our experts work together to address your particular needs.

Genomic Medicine: Personalized Cancer Treatment

Trust Avera’s leadership in genomic medicine—a precise and personalized, genomic-based, scientific approach to cancer care. The process identifies genetic mutations in the tumor so that treatments can be designed specifically to treat your specific case.

Cellular Therapy

Immune effector cell therapies and immunotherapy are a newer approach to cancer care. Immunotherapy involves drugs that modulate the immune system to allow our immune cells to recognize and remove cancer cells. Cellular therapies manipulate either a patient’s immune cells or use a universal immune cell and engineer new cancer targets before infusing them into the patient so these cells better attack cancer cells. Examples include natural killer (NK) cells, chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T), tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and others. Cellular therapies have been used successfully in cancers of the blood and lymphatic system and are moving to solid tumors. While not all patients will experience the same results, these therapies have resulted in significant response in patients with metastatic disease.

Expert Teams, Evidence-Based Approach

Rely on our highly-skilled, multidisciplinary physicians who collaborate for your benefit by using evidence-based methods, such as bone and marrow transplant, to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Advanced Technology Close to Home

Enjoy the same advanced cancer care technology and treatments at Avera that you expect to find at major medical centers, including the latest radiation therapy devices and leading-edge imaging technology — several provided with generous support from The Helmsley Trust. In addition, you may qualify to participate in national and international cancer research and clinical trials through the Avera Research Institute.

Cancers We Treat

You and your Avera health care provider may select from extensive screening and diagnostic services for all types of cancer, including:

Cancer Treatments & Services

Work with your Avera Cancer Institute and Avera specialists to choose from a wide range of preventive care, early detection options, cancer treatments and services such as:

Although you may not find all services at every location, when you become part of Avera’s comprehensive approach to continuous care, you’ll enjoy easy referral to a wide range of cancer specialists located throughout our extensive health care network. And you’ll receive close monitoring and regular follow-up care in your home community.

Cancer Support Services

Your Avera team recognizes you as a whole person and provides supportive care and spiritual assistance for your well-being beyond the treatment for your body. That means you have access to integrative medicine services and extensive rehabilitation options as well as:

Oncology & Hematology Patient Portal

Stay up to date on every aspect of your treatment from your home computer or mobile device.


24/7 Cancer Support

No matter where you live or receive care, you can call or email the Avera Cancer Institute with your cancer-related questions or concerns.


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