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Cancer Surgery

When the cancer in your body appears contained in one area, surgery is often your first choice for treatment. Find the expert care you need at Avera’s top-quality surgical facilities.

Exceptional Surgical Care

When your cancer treatment plan includes surgery, choose Avera for the best and most comprehensive cancer care. You benefit from:

  • Skilled surgical teams that include board-certified oncologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, certified nurse anesthetists and specialty-trained nurses
  • Advanced surgical technology
  • Comfortable, calming environment for family and friends while you’re in surgery

What to Expect

During surgery, your care team will remove the tumor that contains cancerous cells. Your surgeon may incorporate electron-based intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) to deliver a boost of radiation directly to the tumor to prevent recurrence.

You and your doctor may choose to take advantage of minimally invasive procedures such as robotic-assisted surgery, which helps you experience all the benefits of surgery along with faster recovery and less pain and scarring.

Surgical Expertise

Benefit from advanced surgical training and expertise at Avera. This includes a fellowship-trained colorectal surgeon, surgeons experienced in the Whipple procedure for treating pancreatic cancer, use of robotics for prostate surgery, surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive options for gynecologic surgery, and more.

Surgery Without the Incision

If surgery is not your best choice, find new hope in Avera Cancer Institute’s radiosurgery options.

Receive non-invasive treatment with the Elekta Versa HD. This technology delivers high-dose radiation from hundreds of different angles with pinpoint accuracy while minimizing effects on normal tissue.

If you have a brain tumor, disorder or inoperable lesion – whether cancerous or non-cancerous – benefit from Gamma Knife radiation therapy. This innovative technology, considered the gold standard for non-invasive treatment of brain disorders, precisely targets them with a high dose of radiation and minimum risk to nearby tissue and structures.

Breast Cancer Surgery

Depending on your stage of breast cancer, you may be able to choose between Avera’s advanced surgical procedures that remove the cancer while maintaining optimal breast health.

  • Hidden Scar™ – Removes the tumor and a slight amount of surrounding tissue through a small incision in a well-hidden area  
  • Lumpectomy – Removes the whole tumor, while conserving as much breast tissue as possible
  • Mastectomy – Includes a total removal of the breast, with the option of reshaping the breast through reconstructive surgery
  • Oncoplasty – Achieves a better cosmetic result with less visible scarring by combining removal of the lump with plastic surgery techniques

To determine the extent of the cancer and guide your postoperative treatment plan, breast cancer surgery typically removes minimal lymph nodes under the arm.

Learn more about plastic and reconstructive surgery at Avera.

Oncoplastic Surgery at Avera

Women who choose Avera Cancer Institute for breast cancer care can take advantage of oncoplastic surgery, an innovative option that combines the latest plastic surgery techniques with breast surgical oncology. Benefit from a breast-conserving surgery known as a lumpectomy with techniques that improve the appearance of your breasts.

Avera is home to a surgical practice dedicated to breast surgery. Avera Medical Group Comprehensive Breast Care team includes Julie Reiland, MD; Tricia Merrigan, MD; and Wade Dosch, MD. Dr. Reiland is nationally recognized as a pioneer and educator in oncoplastic surgery, and Drs. Reiland, Merrigan and Dosch have completed advanced training to provide oncoplastic surgery techniques.

Avera Medical Group plastic surgeons, Barry Martin, MD, and Mark Shashikant, MD, also have specialized fellowship training and are board certified in the latest techniques for breast reconstruction following a breast cancer treatment.

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