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Endocrinology Services

Throughout your body, an interconnected system of glands known as the endocrine system makes the hormones that affect processes from head to toe. Hormones travel in your bloodstream and work slowly to help regulate organs and tissues. Your health can be affected if your body produces too much or too little of a hormone or if your body doesn’t properly respond to hormones.

Advanced Care for Hormone-Related Conditions

Work with the experts at Avera to receive top-quality care—including diagnostic evaluation and treatment—of endocrine-related conditions such as:

Diabetes Care for the Upper Midwest

As the most common endocrine-related condition in the United States, diabetes affects more than 29 million Americans or just over 9 percent of the population. Wherever you live in the Upper Midwest, you can benefit from Avera’s extensive diabetes services, including intensive insulin therapy and/or use of an insulin pump, as well as diabetic and dietary education by an Avera team of board-certified endocrinologists.

Get the Help You Need

Ask your doctor for a referral or schedule an appointment directly with an Avera endocrinologist at a location near you.

Explore endocrinology resources available online through our free health library.

Learn To Manage Your Diabetes

Get easy-to-use information to help you manage your diabetes. View our infographic (pdf) to find out what you need to know.

Diabetes infographic

Moving Health Forward

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