Hospice Care

When a cure is no longer an option, each of us hopes to find support in a peaceful and comfortable environment surrounded by family and friends. That’s the time to explore hospice care from Avera. View a map of hospice locations.

Avera@Home provides hospice care in many settings:

  • Your home or a family member's home
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Assisted living centers
  • Hospice inpatient and residential facilities

The Hospice Advantage with Avera@Home

When you choose Avera@Home for hospice care, you benefit from the expertise and compassion that Avera is known for. You’ll receive specialized services with access to regular visits and on-call assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Did You Know?

Hospice is not a place, but a philosophy of care that provides those who are terminally ill and their families with the medical, emotional and spiritual care they need to find comfort and experience a better quality of life.

Our hospice professionals are specially trained to manage pain and symptoms with palliative care, so patients are comfortable, yet alert and able to fully enjoy each day.

You’ll also benefit from our:

  • Clinical expertise – Receive care from our experienced hospice nurses many of whom have over 10 years of experience in hospice care.
  • Home infusion therapy – Find comfort by receiving symptom management in your home to relieve pain, nausea, restlessness and more.
  • Dougherty Hospice House – Dougherty provides a beautiful home-like environment, offering comprehensive inpatient and residential hospice care in Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Avera Sacred Heart Majestic Bluffs – Enjoy our peaceful, residential location in Yankton, SD, along with expertise in hospice care.

All licensed hospice programs must follow federal and state guidelines in the services they provide. Additionally, Avera@Home is a non-profit, faith-based program operating from a set of core values: compassion, hospitality and stewardship.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hospice

Is hospice only for the terminally ill?

To qualify for hospice care, you do need to meet a specific set of medical criteria and have a health care provider's order indicating a life-limiting illness. 

Hospice care from Avera@Home is most beneficial when there is sufficient time to manage symptoms and establish a trusting relationship. Patients and families benefit most when they take advantage of hospice support services as early as possible.

Is hospice only for the elderly?

Although most hospice patients are older, Avera@Home serves patients of all ages, including children. People of any age – from pediatrics to geriatrics – with a life-limiting illness may benefit from hospice services.

How do I pay for hospice care?

Hospice services are typically 100% covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurance wherever you reside, whether at home or in a facility. 

Hospice care provided in a nursing home, independent or assisted living environment may include additional costs not covered under the benefit. Our team can check your eligibility and help you determine what financial options are available to you and your family. 

Payment for 100% of prescription and nonprescription drugs related to the terminal disease is covered under Medicare. 

Many insurance policies and other managed care policies include hospice coverage for all or a portion of related costs. Ask one of our experts to check your eligibility or contact your insurance provider to learn more about your specific coverage. 

If you don’t have insurance, our team will work with you to identify ways to pay for hospice services. Generous community support and the Avera Foundation ensures no one is turned away.

I live in a rural area. Is hospice available for me?

Avera@Home currently provides hospice to counties across South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa.

If you live outside of our coverage area, Avera@Home experts are still available to help you find hospice resources near you.

Does my physician need to be involved in my hospice care?

Your primary care or designated provider continues as an active partner of your care. He or she will receive regular updates from your hospice team.

How Can We Help?

To learn more about your hospice options, complete the online form and one of our Avera@Home experts will contact you within the next business day.

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