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Pain Management After Surgery

After a surgical procedure at Avera, our expert pain management team will safely and effectively minimize your discomfort so you can rest, recover, and get up and around as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Pain Management Options

Count on Avera’s comprehensive and advanced pain relief options. Depending on the type of surgery and your medical history, you may receive more than one type of pain treatment, such as:

Learn more about post-surgical pain control for adults and children.

Expert Pain Management Team

Prior to surgery, you’ll receive a pain management plan based on the type of surgery and your medical history. Then an anesthesiologist will review your medical history, perform an exam and discuss your anesthetic options including pain management during and after surgery.

After surgery, you’ll receive continuous assessments to ensure your comfort and recovery. New options and adjustments will be made to your pain management plan, as needed. You can count on the responsive and flexible pain management that your care team will provide.

Control Pain At Home

You may receive a prescription for pain medication to take at home, which may or may not be the same pain medication you took in the hospital. Be sure to tell your doctor about pain medications that have been successful or caused you problems in the past.

Relieve Pain Without Medication

You may be able to take advantage of other non-medication options to relieve pain. When used along with, or instead of medication, these techniques can dramatically reduce pain.

Alternative methods to relieve pain may include acupuncture, massage, heating pads, cold therapy, guided imagery meditation, listening to soft music or changing your position in bed.

How Can I Help Keep My Pain Under Control?

Good communication is the most important aspect of pain management. Always tell your nurse when you’re having pain and don’t worry about being a bother. When pain increases, this may signal a need for more medication, or a different option altogether.

Your care team will frequently ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 0-10 – with 0 as no pain and 10 as the worst pain you can imagine.

Together, we’ll keep your pain under control so that you can successfully walk, cough, breathe deeply and safely recover from surgery.

Take our pain quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about pain.

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