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The Avera Medication Donation Program

Patients who have unopened, unused specialty medications can donate them to the Avera Medication Donation Program, a service of Avera Specialty Pharmacy. There, pharmacists inspect the medication and then redistribute it to patients in need at no cost.

In the program’s first year, more than $1 million in prescriptions drugs were donated from over 100 patients. Their donations helped dozens of families across the Midwest. The program saves money, reduces waste and helps people in need get started on vital medications.

Who Can Donate

Anyone can donate, regardless of the pharmacy they use to fill prescriptions.

How It Works

Avera Medication Donation Program can only accept donated medications if:

  • They are sealed in tamper-evident containers such as a sealed bottle, blister pack, prefilled syringe in a sealed package.
  • The medication contains a lot number and expiration date.
  • The medication is within its expiration date.
  • It was stored at room temperature.

Medications You Can Donate

Though most are expensive specialty prescriptions, a variety of medications are included in the program.

A few examples of medications donated so far include:

  • Oral oncology medications such as Imbruvica (ibrutinib), Afinitor (everolimus), and Venclexta (venetoclax).
  • Medications that patients may only take for a short time, such as Lovenox (enoxaparin).
  • Prescriptions like heparin-lock flushes and Eliquis (apixaban).

Controlled medications, such as opioids and narcotics, cannot be donated. Drugs that were refrigerated or dispensed to you in an unsealed container are also not a part of the Avera Medication Donation Program.

Please call us at 605-322-8300 if you need help determining if you can donate your unused medication.

How to Dispose of Your Unused Medication You Cannot Donate

Want to safely throw away unused or expired medications? Learn about blue, drop-off MedSafe receptacles available at most Avera Pharmacy locations during regular pharmacy hours.

How to Donate

Avera Specialty Pharmacy is currently the only pharmacy in South Dakota with this program. Donations can only be brought to the Avera Specialty Pharmacy or mailed. Call 605-322-8300 before you mail the forms to make sure they are complete and accompany the shipment.

The Avera Medication Donation Program is administered exclusively through Avera Specialty Pharmacy, located at Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center, 1301 S. Cliff Ave., Suite 200, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

Call 605-322-8300 for more information on donation or on how to take part in the program. Complete this form to take part in the program as a donor.

Once completed, you can mail the form to Avera Specialty Pharmacy at the address above, or bring them to the pharmacy.

How to Receive a Donated Medication

If you need to start or continue a specialty medication but are experiencing a delay due to financial or insurance barriers, call the pharmacy to see if the medication is available in the donation program.

Medications dispensed through the program must meet all state and federal rules and regulations regarding prescriptions. Patients seeking medication through the program must read and complete the recipient form.

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