High Risk Pregnancy

If pregnancy complications arise, trust the Avera maternal-fetal medicine specialists to work in partnership with your family physician or obstetrician to provide a safe delivery with the best possible outcome for you and your newborn.

Expert & Compassionate Care

When you need high-risk pregnancy care, find comfort in working with the region’s most experienced perinatologists at Avera Medical Group Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Sioux Falls, SD. Rely on our specially trained experts to manage high-risk pregnancies, and diagnose and prevent or correct complications before delivery.

Your doctor may refer you to a perinatologist if your health status includes characteristics such as:

  • Diabetes and high blood pressure
  • A history of preterm delivery
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Expecting more than one baby
  • A history of recurrent miscarriages
  • Abnormal prenatal screen or test
  • Known or suspected fetal abnormalities (birth defects)
  • Teratogen exposure during pregnancy
  • Family history of a genetic condition such as muscular dystrophy or Fragile X syndrome

Throughout your pregnancy, delivery and recovery, you’ll value 24/7 access to Avera's neonatologists, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) team, pediatric specialists and specially trained nurses. If the need arises, trust Avera’s Careflight for quick transport, no matter where you live in the Avera region.

Specialty Care for High-Risk Pregnancy

Experiencing a high-risk pregnancy can feel stressful and overwhelming. Find the answers and peace of mind you need through Avera’s compassionate care, advanced technology and ongoing guidance. Benefit from:

Genetic Testing & Counseling

Take advantage of genetic testing and counseling at Avera to learn if there’s a risk of birth defects or disorders. If so, you’ll also be equipped to:

  • Make the healthiest choices for you and your family
  • Better understand how to meet your child’s health care needs
  • Make informed decisions regarding testing options
  • Develop a greater understanding of tests or testing results
  • Feel greater comfort about the testing process
  • Better prepare for test results and for the arrival of children who may have special needs

Visit an Avera Birth Center

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