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Prenatal Care

From the moment you think you may be pregnant to the birth of your new little one, get the best in prenatal care at Avera. While delivery of your baby is the last step of pregnancy, receiving the best care available throughout the entire process helps ensure you and your baby stay healthy.

Find Comfort

As you progress through your pregnancy, you may experience changes considered a normal part of the process, but that also may feel uncomfortable. Learn more about common discomforts during pregnancy, why they occur and how you can ease discomfort and find relief.

Some changes can be abnormal when found with other signs and symptoms. Always notify your health care provider any time you experience something unusual for you and describe the methods you use for relief.

What to Expect Each Trimester

During each trimester of your pregnancy, you’ll experience something unique. Watch these videos from Dr. Anthony Cook to learn more about what to expect:


No pregnancy is the same; whether it’s your first or your third experience, you’ll notice differences and have questions. And sometimes, your best resource is another woman in the same stage of life. Join a group of your peers—due to deliver around the same time as you—and Avera professionals in one of our CenteringPregnancy groups for support and encouragement.

CenteringPregnancy includes 10, two-hour group sessions where you can participate in discussions and share knowledge, experience and information on topics such as:

  • Common pregnancy problems
  • Feelings after the birth
  • Communication
  • Birth preparation
  • Comfort measures
  • Stress reduction
  • Nutrition
  • Infant feeding
  • Parenting

For more information or to inquire about upcoming CenteringPregnancy groups, call 605-322-8920.

Gestational Diabetes

If you experience pre-existing or gestational diabetes, our team works with you and your doctor during pregnancy and after delivery to provide education, diabetes management tools and any support you need. Learn more about care for gestational diabetes at Avera.

Genetic Testing

Take advantage of genetic testing and counseling at Avera to learn if there’s a risk of passing genetic disorders on to your children. If so, you’ll also be equipped to:

  • Make the healthiest choices for you and your family
  • Better understand how to meet your child’s health care needs
  • Make informed decisions regarding testing options
  • Develop a greater understanding of tests or testing results
  • Feel greater comfort about the testing process
  • Better prepare for test results and for the arrival of children who may have special needs

For more information and personalized care for your specific prenatal needs, contact your Avera provider or find one today.

Visit an Avera Birth Center

Due to COVID, most Avera locations have suspended in-person birth center tours.

Tours are available at the Women's Center at Avera St. Luke's in Aberdeen, SD. To learn more visit their website.

View Baby Photos

Search for baby photos in Avera’s Baby Gallery and celebrate the miracle of life with friends and family.

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