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Prenatal Genetic Testing & Counseling

As you think of starting or expanding your family, you may be concerned about genetic disorders or birth defects. Get the information you need to make thoughtful health care decisions for yourself and your family through genetic testing.

Genetic Counseling for Expectant Parents

You’ll learn about:

  • Your risk of your pregnancy being affected by a genetic disorder
  • The nature and consequences of genetic disorders
  • Options to manage, prevent or reduce the effects of genetic disorders
  • Risk factors of concern, but unrelated to genetic tendency for disease
  • How to prepare for test results and the arrival of children who may have special needs
  • Prenatal care services that may improve outcomes for your pregnancy

You may also consider genetic testing to find out carrier status for several common health conditions or genetic conditions that are found in your family.

When to Consider Prenatal Genetic Counseling

Your doctor may suggest adding a genetic counselor to your comprehensive Avera health care team in situations such as:

  • Family history of a genetic condition
  • Pregnancy in women over age 35
  • Increased risk of complications or birth defects from non-genetic factors, including diabetes, diet, medication exposure, recreational drug use and more
  • Concerns about findings from prenatal ultrasound and/or other screening tests
  • Pregnancy following the birth of a child with a genetic condition

Remember, most expectant parents who participate in genetic testing go on to have healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies.

How You Benefit from Genetic Counseling

When you visit with an Avera professional for prenatal genetic testing and counseling, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Better prepare for test results and for the arrival of your child
  • Better understand how to meet your child’s health care needs
  • Determine the healthiest choices for you and your family
  • Develop a greater understanding of tests or testing results
  • Feel greater comfort about the testing process
  • Make informed decisions regarding testing options
  • Experience peace of mind if testing is normal

Learn more about when to seek genetic counseling in our health library.

Is prenatal genetic testing right for you?

To learn more and find out if genetic testing is a good idea for you and your family, talk with your provider or call the Avera Medical Group Maternal Fetal Medicine Sioux Falls.


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  • Prenatal Genetic Testing & Counseling

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