Senior Living

As you progress through life, your wishes for home and health care change. You want a safe, comfortable place to live, access to the best care, support for daily activities and extensive community resources.

Communities Created for Your Lifestyle

Rely on Avera for senior living options at convenient locations across the Upper Midwest. Explore a wide range of facilities - from independent or assisted living communities to skilled nursing homes - designed with your evolving requirements for health care and healthy living in mind.

Comprehensive Services for Seniors

Whether you or your loved ones experience physical or emotional challenges, you can take advantage of top-quality geriatric medicine at Avera. Get fast access to exceptional health care for seniors - at our full-service regional hospitals or at your home - as well as extensive services tailored to your specific needs, such as:

  • Behavior management and behavioral health care for anxiety, depression, grief and loss, personal crisis, stress management and lifestyle changes, as well as individual, group and family counseling.
  • Caregiver support
  • Case management, including assessment and referral to appropriate medical and support services, and specialized assessments for health-related conditions, skills and abilities
  • Home health care
  • Inpatient hospitalization and partial hospitalization programs
  • Lifeline emergency response
  • Quit tobacco programs and health-related support groups
  • Rehabilitation services, including short and long-term therapy and rehabilitation
  • Social activities, exercise facilities, and healthy living classes and events
  • Spiritual support, ecumenical services and Bible study
  • Transportation services

Selecting a Senior Living Community

Extend your longevity by living in an environment where you can easily get care and services to support your well-being. With the high-quality, homelike atmosphere at Avera facilities, you'll enjoy growing friendships and community ties, while maintaining your individuality, personal dignity and privacy - as much independence as possible. Some Avera communities incorporate the Eden Alternative®model of welcoming, neighborhood-style living.

And many Avera communities - equipped for all stages of life - give you the option of shifting to greater levels of care over time.

Independent or Assisted Living?

Before you begin your search for an independent or assisted living facility, know your immediate and long-term care needs and expectations. How will your future health care needs be met?

  • Develop a specific plan to cover various contingencies.
  • Visit several communities, look around, ask questions, and talk to residents and staff.
  • Compare fees and services carefully. An all-inclusive fee that, at first, seems high could turn out to be more advantageous than a fee-for-service arrangement combining a low basic rate with extra charges for the services you need.
  • Explore all your options.
  • Remember—you’re looking for a place that gives you a sense of safety and well-being.
  • Ask yourself: Does this community feel like a place you can call your home?
  • Trust your instincts; if something seems off, look ahead to the next location on your list.

Independent Living

Active older adults who want a fulfilling life, free of worries related to home maintenance, often enjoy independent living or congregate living communities. While similar to any apartment, condominium or single-family housing development, Avera facilities assure you of specials services, including security. In addition, you may participate in meal plans or prepare meals on your own.

Assisted Living

Individuals who can benefit from some support but don't need daily nursing care may prefer assisted living. Get services that fit your needs, such as assistance with bathing, dressing, meals, mobility, medication monitoring and housekeeping.

At some Avera assisted living communities, you can take advantage of special programs and structured environments for people living with challenging conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. When you choose assisted living at Avera, you gain the support of our caring and dedicated staff members who help you continue to live a healthy, independent and full life.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care (LTC) facilities serve people who don't need hospitalization but require more attention than that available while living independently,. Also known as skilled care facilities and nursing homes, long-term care options with Avera's resident-centered approach integrate a hospitable neighborhood atmosphere with 24/7 access to medical and therapeutic care. Some Avera LTC sites may offer a special end-of-life comfort suite that accommodates families.

In each facility, licensed and certified staff - including skilled nurses and nursing aides - provide care around the clock and collaborate with your primary care doctor and other specialists to deliver care tailored to your specific situation.

Love Where You Live

No matter what level of care you need - from independent living to long-term care - you can choose from a variety of Avera communities. Find your new home at an Avera senior living location near you.

Find a Senior Living Community

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