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Sleep Medicine

Good sleep ensures your body and mind can do their best around the clock. Avera's sleep experts help you and your loved ones of all ages – from infants to seniors – get the rest needed to stay healthy and enjoy life.

Should I See a Sleep Specialist?

You may benefit from the attention of sleep medicine specialists if you:

  • Feel your sleep isn't satisfying
  • Have trouble falling asleep or staying awake
  • Walk, talk, moan, snore or grind your teeth during sleep
  • Have been told your legs twitch or kick at night
  • Lie awake at night feeling worried or anxious
  • Awaken suddenly gasping for breath
  • Feel extremely sleepy during the day
  • Have sudden attacks of physical weakness

Sleep Studies Help Evaluate Your Situation

Your doctor may recommend a sleep study (polysomnogram) for yourself or your child. The study helps physicians diagnose conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia and restless legs syndrome.

How to Prepare

To make sure you get the most from your sleep study, avoid alcohol or caffeine before the test. Take a sleep aid only if recommended by your doctor.

What to Expect

You'll spend your typical sleeping period- night or day - in a comfortable, private room at one of Avera's homelike sleep labs. After you arrive, a technician will place sensors on your scalp, face, chest and limbs to monitor brain waves, snoring, muscle activity, heart rate and breathing as you sleep. A video camera may record your movements.

After the Test

After the test, you may return to your typical daily activities. Your doctor will receive the results of the study and advise you on next steps.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance plans cover sleep studies. Check with your plan provider to verify coverage.

Home Sleep Apnea Testing

If a doctor determines you likely have obstructive sleep apnea, and you have no other significant medical conditions, the physician may recommend home sleep apnea testing. You'll sleep at home while wearing equipment that records data about your breathing during sleep.

Treating Sleep Disorders

Treatment recommendations depend on your diagnosis:

  • Sleep apnea - Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), changing sleeping positions, using an oral device that holds the tongue or jaw forward, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, or getting surgery to remove adenoids, tonsils or nasal polyps or correct structural problems
  • Insomnia - Behavioral therapy and/or temporary use of medication
  • Narcolepsy - Lifestyle changes, such as taking naps during the day, and/or medication
  • Restless legs syndrome - Treatment of the underlying cause, such as peripheral neuropathy or diabetes, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes

National Accreditations Mean High-Quality Care

With accreditations from nationally-recognized sleep testing organizations, you can trust the quality of Avera’s staff, technology and equipment at these locations.

Accredited Sleep Medicine Locations

Expert Team for Sleep Disorders

Avera's care team includes doctors board-certified in sleep medicine. Depending on your condition, you may also get help from medical professionals who specialize in areas such as:

Start Sleeping Better

Ask your doctor for a referral to an Avera location near you for a sleep study.

Moving Health Forward

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