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Strength & Conditioning at Avera Sports

Discover your maximum athletic potential when you participate in one of Avera Sports’ strength and conditioning programs.

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Sign Up for a Strength & Conditioning Program

Make the most of your off-season by training with our experts during an Athletic Republic or Summer Sports Performance Training program. To register, call an Avera Sports location near you:

  • Aberdeen – 605-229-8336
  • Mitchell – 605-292-0269
  • Pierre – 605-224-3162
  • Sioux Falls – 605-322-3278
  • Yankton – 605-668-8357

Stronger, Faster & More Fit with Avera Sports

Avera Sports offers the nationally-renowned sports performance training system Athletic Republic. This means you benefit from programs that feature proprietary training protocols and equipment exclusive to Athletic Republic – the industry leader in developing athletic performance. Athletes of all sports and abilities – ages 10 and up – can take advantage of pre-season, in-season and off-season training programs that maximize training time and effort.

How Athletic Republic Programs Work

When you participate in one of Avera’s Athletic Republic programs—available in Sioux Falls, Mitchell and Aberdeen—you’ll be trained in the same way that more than 2000 professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL have taken advantage of since 1990.

You’ll benefit from our focus on improving the main indicators of performance—speed, strength, power and conditioning. This is what sets us apart from many others. Our expert trainers will guide you through a program that is systematically targeted to your body’s metabolic, muscular and neuromuscular systems with a series of progressively designed training protocols. Experience results with our personalized approach.

Traditionally, Athletic Republic training programs consist of two to three 90-minute workouts per session for six to eight weeks. However, we can also develop a training program to meet your needs and fit your schedule. You can also choose whether to train individually, with a small group or your entire team.

For sports-specific training, look to Avera’s Athletic Republic sports specific programs for baseball, basketball, endurance, football, golf, hockey, soccer, softball, track, triathlon or volleyball.

AR-FIT for Active Adults

Take advantage of small group training opportunities through Avera-FIT classes. This high intensity interval training program is designed to help you move better, get stronger, stay healthier and improve stamina. Each hour-long workout may include resistance bands, conditioning cords, suspension, balance and strength training. Avera-FIT programs are offered in Sioux Falls, Mitchell and Aberdeen, SD.

Additional Strength & Conditioning Programs

You can also find a variety of additional strength and conditioning programs throughout the region to improve your:

  • Occupational fitness
  • Plyometrics
  • Running
  • Recreational fitness
  • Sport specific speed, strength and agility

Each program is customized to meet your unique goals and needs.

Avera Sports Team Training at Your School

If you’re a junior high, high school or college athlete, you can improve your agility, footwork and strength when you participate in an Avera Sports Acceleration summer team training session.

When your school hosts a summer team training session, our expert staff comes to your school to provide traditional, small group training sessions that include ground-based training methods such as weight lifting, agility drills with ladders and cones, and resistance training using sleds and bungee straps. To learn more, contact an Avera Sports location near you or Coach Rozy.

Avera Sports Endurance Training Programs

If you enjoy running, biking or swimming over long distances – either competitively or recreationally – take advantage of an Avera’s Endurance Training Program for a variety of events, such as:

  • 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon races
  • Cycling
  • Triathlons

When you train with Avera, you’ll receive an individually designed plan from our experienced trainers. You may also benefit from services such as:

  • Gait assessment and running analysis
  • Individualized strength programs and testing
  • Innovative CompuTrainer® interactive course experiences to increase cycling power and speed and help you adjust to the aerodynamic drag factor
  • Metabolic testing (VO2 max and lactate threshold)
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Sports psychology
  • Swimming workouts to improve stroke efficiency, metabolic conditioning and confidence in the water
  • Treadmill workouts to increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance by honing proper form and pacing

Success in Action

Avera Sports is proud to have the opportunity to work with many successful professional and collegiate athletes, including:

  • Kyle Vanden Bosch—All Pro Defensive Tackle, Detroit Lions
  • Kevin Kaesviharn—Defensive Back, New Orleans Saints
  • Ben Leber—Linebacker, Minnesota Vikings
  • Josh Stamer—Linebacker/Special Teams, Buffalo Bills
  • Adam Timmerman—All Pro Offensive Guard, St. Louis Rams
  • Levar Woods—Linebacker/Special Teams, Tennessee Titans
  • Bryan Schwartz—Linebacker, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Scott Connot—Defensive Back/Special Teams, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Steve Heiden—Tight End, Cleveland Browns
  • Kirk Hinrich—Guard, Chicago Bulls
  • Jill Theeler—Mitchell High School and North Dakota State University track and field standout
  • Josh Ranek—Tyndel High School and South Dakota State University standout

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Avera Sports AR-FIT Challenge

Whether you're looking for a new workout, training for a special activity or just want to get and stay in shape, this eight-week challenge for active adults will help you develop the functional strength, flexibility and fitness you need.

Call 605-322-3278 to register.

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Individual & Team Performance Programs

Take advantage of individual and team performance enhancement programs, such as:

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