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Avera Sports Stride Lab

Hit a new stride in your training and racing with a personalized running assessment at Avera Sports Stride Lab in Sioux Falls, SD. No matter your sport or what level you compete at, you’ll receive the insight you need to improve your running form – resulting in a more efficient, fluid stride and faster times.

If you experience pain while running – such as shin splints or knee pain – our Avera Sports experts can also use this technology to pinpoint possible reasons for the pain by revealing what happens when your foot strikes the ground.

Region’s Most Comprehensive Running Analysis

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To learn more or schedule a 3-D running analysis, call 605-322-3278.

Find the innovative technology needed to precisely assess your running form at the Avera Sports Stride Lab – the only facility in the region to offer force-plate treadmill technology with motion capture camera capabilities. The extent of your muscle activity while running can also be measured through our wireless sensors. The combination of all three systems offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive analysis of your whole-body movement.

3-D Motion-Capture Technology

Movement patterns of your feet, ankles, knees, hips, hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders are captured with pinpoint accuracy by an eight-camera Qualysis™ motion capture system – providing a realistic 3-D animation of your running form.

Instrumented Treadmetrix™ Treadmill

Our state-of-the-art Treadmetrix™ treadmill has a built-in force plate underneath the running surface. This calculates how much force you generate with each leg while running to highlight any asymmetries between your right and left sides. By identifying differences, you’ll learn exactly where you’ll benefit from targeted strength training.

Wireless EMG System

EMG – or electromyography – technology provides an even more in-depth assessment of your muscle activity while running. This service is not included in the basic price, but can be added by request.

Additional Services

You also have the option to add on complementary services such as a blood lactate test and a strength assessment specific to running.

What to Expect During Your Running Assessment

Prior to your appointment, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your running history, past or current injuries and goals so that the Avera Sports team can customize your session.

For the assessment, please wear athletic gear – spandex or compression shorts, tights and tops work best – and bring a water bottle. Prior to the test, our team will take a few minutes to place around 35 small, light-weight, wireless markers on your body.

Each assessment will be guided by an Avera Sports professional and will include:

  • Warming-up on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes at your own pace.
  • Running at a variety of speeds for 20-30 seconds each time to capture your form at various running intensities. Typically, eight to 10 trials will provide the data needed for a complete analysis. 
  • Cooling down and stretching at your own pace.

Within minutes of your session, you’ll be able view your 3-D animation and will receive a detailed report of your assessment results. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss your results and ask questions. You may also receive recommendations such as:

  • Personalized running plan
  • Shoe options that will provide optimal support for your feet
  • Strength training to target specific muscles

Get the Athletic Republic Advantage

Gain speed and explosiveness through our Athletic Republic sports training program. This unique speed, strength and conditioning approach incorporates non-traditional, revolutionary methods to take you to the next level.

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To learn more about programs available near you, contact one of our Avera Sports locations:

  • Aberdeen – 605-662-5900
  • Mitchell – 605-292-0269
  • Pierre – 605-224-3162
  • Sioux Falls – 605-322-3278
  • Yankton – 605-668-8357

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Individual & Team Performance Programs

Take advantage of individual and team performance enhancement programs, such as:

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