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About Kidney Transplants

After a diagnosis of kidney failure, ask about kidney transplant at Avera Transplant Institute. As the best treatment for end-stage renal disease (ESRD), this option can help you enjoy a healthier, longer life.

What to Expect

You’ll go through a referral and evaluation process to determine your eligibility for a kidney transplant. If you qualify, you’ll be placed on a nationwide waiting list for an organ from a deceased donor. Average wait time is three to five years.

When a deceased donor kidney that’s compatible with your blood type and antibodies becomes available, the transplant team will determine if the organ is right for you based on the donor’s age and cause of death.

Living Kidney Donation

You may receive a kidney sooner if it comes from a living relative, friend or anonymous donor who’s at least 18 years old. Blood tests will determine whether you and a potential donor are compatible.

Even if you’re not a match, you may still be able to get a kidney from a living donor thanks to:

  • Desensitization treatment – Decreases antibodies in the recipient’s blood to prevent them from rejecting or attacking the donated kidney
  • Paired donation – Lets you give a kidney to a more compatible recipient in exchange for another donor giving a kidney to your loved one

Ask for a Living Donor

Get guidance on asking your loved ones if they’d consider donating a kidney to you. If you find a potential donor, he or she must contact Avera Transplant Institute to start the transplant process.

Kidney Transplant Surgery

Kidney transplantation lasts about three hours. A surgeon will make an incision just above your groin, place the donor kidney in your lower abdomen and connect the organ to your bladder and blood vessels. Your own kidney may remain in place.

Expect to stay in the hospital for five to 10 days as you recover.

Lodging & Expenses

Get helpful information to plan for lodging and expenses during follow-up care in Sioux Falls.

Contact Us

Call the Avera Transplant Institute at 866-686-1062 to find specialists, make an appointment or learn more about transplant services at Avera.


Become a Donor

Give an amazing gift by becoming an organ or blood and marrow donor. Review our donor services information to learn how you can:

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