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Living Kidney Donation

If you’re an adult, give the gift of health by donating a kidney to a relative or friend experiencing end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Avera Transplant Institute can help you make your life-changing contribution as easily and smoothly as possible.

Advantages of Living Donation

If you donate a kidney as a living donor, your recipient may:

  • Live longer
  • Face increased odds his or her body will accept the organ
  • Spend less time on a transplant waiting list

Also, kidneys from living donors last longer and work faster than organs from deceased donors.

Living Donation Is Safe

Doctors will examine you and review your medical history to make sure you’re physically and mentally healthy enough to donate an organ. Rest assured that if you give away one of your kidneys, the other will do the work both organs once shared.

If you're considering donating a kidney, you can get started by completing our living donor registration form.

Donor & Recipient Compatibility

You and a potential kidney recipient will receive several types of blood tests to determine if you’re a match. Even if results show the two of you are incompatible, you may still be able to donate a kidney thanks to:

  • Desensitization treatment – Decreases antibodies in the recipient’s blood to prevent them from rejecting or attacking the donated organ
  • Paired donation – Lets you donate to a more compatible recipient in exchange for another donor giving a kidney to your recipient

Transplant Surgery

After you and a recipient are approved for a transplant, your surgeon will explain which type of kidney removal is right for you:

  • Traditional open surgery – Makes a large incision in your abdomen or side during a procedure that has proven safe for more than 25 years
  • Laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery – Uses small incisions, reduces pain and speeds recovery

Insurance Coverage

Your recipient’s health insurance will likely cover your medical expenses directly related to the transplant.

Contact Us

Call the Avera Transplant Institute at 866-686-1062 to find specialists, make an appointment or learn more about transplant services at Avera.


Become a Donor

Give an amazing gift by becoming an organ or blood and marrow donor. Review our donor services information to learn how you can:

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