Mammography & Breast Imaging Services
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Mammography & Breast Imaging Services

If you are – or know any women – 40 years or older, now is the time to get a mammogram. Why? In the U.S., one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, but if detected early, it is very treatable. Trust Avera for the accuracy, comfort and peace of mind you want.

Innovative Breast Imaging Technology

Take advantage of Avera’s comprehensive breast program with the latest screening and diagnostic technology. At many Avera facilities you’ll also find enhanced comfort through the use of special pads which provides a softer, warmer surface between you and the mammography unit – and expanded hours to fit your busy schedule at Avera locations across the Upper Midwest.

Benefit from our highly-trained and experienced team, including registered radiologic technologists with advanced certification in mammography.

Expect the highest standard of care at our flagship location, the Avera Breast Center in Sioux Falls, SD, an American College of Radiology (ACR) Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

Mammography – Key to Early Detection

Mammograms detect changes in the breast that may indicate early signs of cancer too small or subtle to be felt by self-exams. Count on Avera’s innovative digital mammography and 3-D technology to provide clearer views from multiple angles.

Learn how to prepare for your mammogram.

3-D Mammography

If you have dense breast tissue, your provider may choose to combine digital mammography with 3-D mammography, also known as Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT). With 3-D technology, the machine moves around the breast in an arc to create snapshots of the breast tissue in thin layers. These enhanced images offer benefits such as:

  • Earlier detection of small breast cancers that may not appear as well in standard mammography
  • Fewer biopsies and additional testing
  • Clearer images of dense breast tissue
  • Greater accuracy in pinpointing size and location

Mammography Computer-Aided Detection (CAD)

With Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) technology at Avera, a second set of “eyes” analyzes your mammography images. When used in conjunction with mammography, CAD helps identify areas of concern, so physicians can more easily detect cancer at its earliest stages.

Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM)

If the results from your recent mammogram were inconclusive due to dense breast tissue or ambiguous images, count on contrast enhanced spectral mammography (CESM) to serve as a secondary tool in determining the presence or absence of breast cancer.

CESM uses multiple X-ray energies to create and compare two images in order to highlight areas with abnormal blood flow or lesions. With the enhanced images, physicians can quickly see and diagnose an area of concern or relieve anxiety when there are negative findings.

Breast Ultrasound & Biopsy

Should your mammogram results show a questionable area, ultrasound imaging may offer an additional diagnostic tool. When an ultrasound examination cannot capture the nature of a breast abnormality, your physician may choose to perform an ultrasound or stereotactic-guided biopsy.

Breast MRI

In addition to mammography, your physician may recommend breast MRI to locate areas of concern within the breast by creating images with a large, powerful magnet instead of X-rays.

Mobile, 3-D Mammography for Every Woman Everywhere

Experience private, comfortable and convenient screenings in your community or business site through mobile, 3-D mammography from Avera. Our mobile units travel throughout Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota to offer accredited and FDA-certified digital mammography services by registered female mammographers.

Breast Screening Recommendations

Give yourself the best opportunity to catch breast cancer at its earliest stages by following the breast screening recommendations of your provider, including mammograms beginning at age 40, clinical breast exams and self-breast exams.

Schedule Your Mammogram

Find an Avera mammography location near you to schedule your appointment. At some Avera locations, you may be able to schedule your mammogram appointment online or take advantage of our mobile mammography services at an outreach site close to home.

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Ask About Our Services

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