Burn Services

Intense exposure to heat or cold (frostbite, hypothermia), chemicals, electricity, sunlight or radiation may produce burns that damage the tissues of your body. The most common burns result from steam, hot-liquid scalding, and flammable liquids and gases, as well as building fires and inhalation injury from breathing smoke.

Expert Care for All Types of Burns

Rely on the specially trained medical professionals at Avera to care for all types of burns in people of all ages, including children. You benefit from our prompt response to burn injuries.

Your care may include emergency surgery, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, skin care and reconstructive procedures. As part of your personalized plan, you receive expert physician, and nursing care, including consultation and follow-up attention. In addition, you may also benefit from:

Major Levels of Burn Damage or Injury

First-degree burns involve only the outer layer of skin, as in a typical sunburn

  • Skin appears pink or light red
  • No blisters but some pain
  • Three to seven days for healing

Second-degree burns affect the outer skin layer and the layer underneath

  • Blisters with swelling
  • Either superficial or deep
  • Skin appears red
  • Accompanied by pain
  • Heals in approximately two to three weeks

Third-degree burns damage or destroy the deepest layer of skin and tissues underneath

  • All layers of skin to the fat affected
  • Skin appears dry and leathery with waxy white, black, brown or cherry red color
  • Painless but frequently requires skin grafting and extended recovery time.

Find Wound Care Close to Home

Get expert, compassionate care for diabetic or pressure ulcers, surgically created wounds, such as ostomy or fistula, other non-healing conditions or burns.

Call 911 for Emergencies

Call 911 to get emergency attention for wounds, trauma, burns or major injuries.

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