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Phone: 605-224-3100

New Help With AveraChart?

Enrolling: To enroll please complete this secure form to start the process.

Technical Assistance: Please call 1-855-667-9704. If you have a medical question please call your doctor. If this is an emergency call 911.

Have a Medical Question?

Looking for a doctor? Avera ASK-A-NURSE® is a free community service allowing Registered Nurses to provide answers to health related questions and physician referrals. Call Avera ASK-A-NURSE at (605) 322-6877 or (800) 658-3535  (SD, MN, IA, NE, ND residents only, please.)

Important Information

If you would like to contact Avera St. Mary's Hospital online, please use the form below to send us an email message.

  • We can't offer medical advice online and are not able to respond to such emails. To discuss specific conditions, symptoms or diagnosis, contact your physician or an appropriate health care professional.
  • If you have an emergency health care need, call 911 immediately. If you have an urgent need, contact your family physician or call ASK-A-NURSE at 800-658-3535.
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