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To learn more about Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation, to make a gift, or for information about a fundraiser by calling us at 712-336-8791 or donate online.

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Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation

Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation provides an opportunity for friends and supporters to share in bringing health and wellness to people in the Iowa Great Lakes Region through charitable gifts.

East Side Patio Memorial Gifts

Pavers and Seat Walls at Lakes Regional Healthcare’s East Side Patio engraved with your loved one’s name are wonderful ways to help Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation while memorializing your loved one.

Current Needs

Power Load System

Imagine it. You’ve just been in a car accident on an icy road in the middle of winter. You’re not quite sure what just happened, but are relieved when First Responders and paramedics show up to give you the care you need. Just as the paramedics load you onto the cot to put you into the ambulance, they have trouble getting the cot into the ambulance because the road is icy and you’re on a slight incline. You feel yourself being raised and lowered again as they struggle to find a solid foothold on the ice as they simultaneously raise the cot and try to get it into the ambulance. You know that time is of the essence in an emergency, that you’re depending on them to get you to the hospital as quickly as possible, and that the struggle they’re experiencing is not good.

Conditions such as these are no stranger to northwest Iowa, and area First Responders and Lakes Regional Healthcare paramedics deal with these types of situations every winter. This, combined with the facts that nearly 72 percent of the U.S. population is overweight  and that the average age of an EMS member is 40 years old , results in an increased amount of time before care can be given in an emergency, decreased patient safety, decreased patient comfort, and increased risk of injuries to patients and emergency professionals.

At Lakes Regional Healthcare, we want to address these concerns directly through purchasing a power load system. With the Stryker Power Load System, we will be able to lift and load patients weighing up to 650 pounds into the ambulance with the push of a button instead of the arms and backs of our emergency professionals. Patients will be lifted safely, comfortably, and quickly, and the system will reduce the risk of injury to the patients and the healthcare providers. The system also has a life span of 20 years and can be moved to new ambulances purchased during that time. It would provide safety, security, and most of all comfort to not only our obese patients but to all of the patients transported by Lakes Regional Healthcare ambulances. 

Your gift of $100, $50, $25 or whatever amount is right for you, will help ensure people receive fast, safe, comfortable care in an emergency. You may also use your gift to honor or pay tribute to a dear friend or loved one.

Lakes Regional Healthcare responds to approximately 1,830 emergency calls each year. Thank you for your help in making those calls as safe, quick, and comfortable as possible.

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