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Tribute to Evan Daniel Carrow

Evan Carrow

Evan Daniel Carrow

Feb. 11, 1991 - Sept. 9, 2008

Since he was a little boy, Evan Carrow’s parents referred to him as “our Evan from heaven.” “We always felt he was given to us from God and he was truly a special gift,” his parents Dan and Shannon said.

Those closest to Evan saw him frequently reach out to help others, often trying to absorb their pain and troubles if that meant that they would be happy. Even at a young age, he could pick up on others’ emotions just by the way they carried themselves or their facial expressions. If they seemed unhappy he tried to do something for them to make them happy or just to see them smile.

Evan wrote an extensive collection of poetry

and short stories, often using his writings as a way to express his feelings. He also wrote for the high school paper, The Tiger Tracker, as part of journalism class. He was well-versed on current events and enjoyed following politics. A self-taught guitar player,

he loved music, especially rock and roll from the 1970s. He worked part-time at K-Mart and was named the first employee of the month at the Marshall store.

He was kind, compassionate, sensitive, talented, intelligent and popular. Known for his smile, his quick wit and the way he touched others’ lives, he had just started his senior year at Marshall High School.

Tragically, Evan took his own life on September 9, 2008.

The Room

By Evan Carrow

The room is filled with darkness. I am the light. The room is old, cold and almost empty but I will fill it with radiance. There is a rotten wood chair directly in the center of the room. I wonder who has sat in it before me. The room is covered in old wallpaper that is very much torn. Below that, wooden trim separates the paper from the floor. The room was abandoned at one point in its life, but I am here to restore it. The light within me shall fill this room with eternal love.

Evan’s absence has left his family and friends wondering what they can do to make a difference. “By raising awareness of teen depression and suicide maybe other families can be spared the pain we are feeling,” they said. “We want to tell people to notice changes in their child, student or friend. Know the signs of depression, take it seriously and get help.”

The Carrow family established a fund in Evan’s honor through the Avera Marshall Foundation to raise awareness and understanding of teen depression. Dollars raised through this fund are used to assist in crisis intervention and education efforts in the community. The goal is for mental health professionals, clergy and educators to join together to develop ongoing, sustainable programs to educate youth, parents and the community about the risk factors associated with depression and suicide.

“We’re looking for some purpose in what’s happened. We want people to know how quickly depression can lead to thoughts of suicide. Evan had so much potential, but he just forgot what he had,” his mom said.

Latest statistics show that in Minnesota suicide is the second leading cause of death in those ages 15-34 years old. With the increasing pressures on young people today, statistically this number is on the rise. With your support, the Carrow family will find comfort in knowing that other families will be helped and may be spared the heartache of this tragic loss.

Donate Online

Donate online to the Tribute to Evan Carrow Fund. Choose the Behavioral Health fund and designate your donation in memory of Evan Carrow.

Or you can send a donation by mail to:

Avera Marshall Foundation
300 S. Bruce Street
Marshall MN 56258

Where to Call if you Need Help

If you or a family member or friend are experiencing depression and thoughts of suicide, please seek help.

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program

24-hour Toll Free Crisis Lines:

South Central Minnesota


National Crisis Line



Western Mental Health Center

Marshall, MN


Avera Marshall Foundation

  • Evan Carrow Fund

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