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HeARTS in Healing

Join us for an evening of HeARTfelt generosity benefiting patients and families at Avera Behavioral health Center. 

Saturday, Feb. 2

6:00 p.m.

4400 W. 69th St., Sioux Falls, SD

Hors d'oeuvres, beverages, live and silent auctions.

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2018 Featured Art

Featured Artist

"Obsidian" by Jerry Cook

Jerry Cook was raised in Worthington, Minnesota and currently resides in Brandon, South Dakota. His fascination with texture, structure and light started at an early age. He blends his city and farm-life upbringing with a neverending curiosity and desire to constantly learn and explore.

Cook’s pieces are structured around a traditional painting format but with sculptural and textural elements. His goal is to create simple yet visually appealing and captivating pieces by using many different mediums, textures, materials and technologies. Cook’s work pushes the viewer to observe the overall composition while allowing one to get lost in the depth and fine detail of each piece.

Featured Artist

"We All Just Walk Each Other Home" by Joan Zephier

Although Joan Zephier has no formal education in art, it’s had a lifelong influence on her. For ten years, she and another artist owned and operated an artist studio where her concentration was free-form, hand-built Raku sculpture. After her own battle with addiction and road to recovery, Joan pursued her dream of creating and participating in The Recovery Art Show to raise awareness, help erase the stigma of addiction and tell her story of recovery. Joan was the recipient of the 2016 Mayor’s Award for Individual Excellence in Visual Arts for her work with area high school students. She assisted them in using art to tell their own stories of addiction and recovery.

Joan’s body of work focuses on the emotional stories of addiction, recovery, family and spirituality and how it looks in her own life. She works in many mediums to express her life, always seeking to communicate a spiritual and human connection in her art. Her philosophy is that every single person has a story and every single person has an artist spirit. Our unique story, told in a visual way, has the ability to connect with someone else in ways that our words cannot.

"Sweet Sounding" by Susan Harder

(bid now for item on silent auction)

Susan Harder grew up with the farmland of rural Hurley, South Dakota. She holds a B.A. in art and Spanish from Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas, and an M.S. in art therapy from Mount Mary University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She works as an addictions counselor and registered art therapist at Avera Behavioral Health Outpatient Services in Sioux Falls, SD where she lives with her band director husband, Ben, and two cats, Hildegard and Terry.

Her piece is from a fluorescent collection of landscapes that signifies an artistic process from the past 5 years of cultural education, exposure and exploration. "I have seen myself and others uncomfortable in unfamiliar environments, facing a decision as to whether engage the senses and embrace the discomfort or become a wallflower, rejecting an emotional learning experience," she adds. "Having recently returned home with fresh perspective, I am learning to re-engage old environments with new senses, restructure and redefine these landscapes."

Susan Harder describes landscapes as a combination of both physical origins and the cultural overlay of human presence often created over millennia. They reflect a living synthesis of people and place that is vital to local and national identity. The character of a landscape helps define that self-image of the people who inhabit it and a sense of place differentiates one region from others. "It is the dynamic backdrop to people’s lives."

Ceramic Bowl by Jess Elofson

As an artist I often play the game of who can do the most with absolutely nothing.

Art is an odd grey area of human existence, some times praised, some times punished, and more often than not simply overlooked. Historically art has flourished and made its greatest marks during times of peace, when money was plentiful, and everyday people had time to reflect upon the wonders of man. So as I look around I realize I probably couldn't have picked a worse time to take up the title of artist, yet I find this added challenge to be a bonus. I do not make art because it is easy, I find great satisfaction in overcoming the obstacles that often accompany life in this line of work.

Keeping the Faith by Paul Schiller

"Keeping the Faith" by Paul Schiller

Photography has always been Paul's greatest passion. He started his career as a photojournalist, and after years of putting his energies into advertising, Paul returned to his roots as a fine art nature photographer. Now he and his wife, Koni, created Acts of Nature®, an innovative imaging company specializing in "interior landscaping." The two make a perfect team thanks to Paul’s artistic eye and Koni's incredible knack for personal customer service.

While his photography interests vary, Paul is especially fond of macro nature photography because of an endless supply of beautiful and changing subjects. "I have gained a new-found appreciation for the little details found just beyond my back door. Vivid colors, intricate designs, delicate softness, the play of light and texture. It's all there for us to enjoy if we only stop and look. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy photographing it."

"From the Muck" by Tonya Stromsness

Tonya Stromsness is a South Dakota Native that Currently resides in Brandon, South Dakota. She is a Graduate of South Dakota State University with a Bachelors of Science in Fine Arts, emphasis in Graphic Design and a Painting Minor.

Tonya took her first art class at SDSU and quickly fell in love. Stromsness loves painting large bold images that experiment with both color and texture.

While painting, she seeks to push the traditional boundaries, often painting with found objects, and nontraditional painting tools.

"Warmth" by Kelly Tadlock

Kelly Tadlock is an oil painter with a focus on abstract impressionism and figurative themes. A native of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, she currently resides in Brandon. She attended Augustana College where she specialized in Fine Art and Graphic Design.

Tadlock’s passion for creating started at a very early age. She has always been driven by the artistic process and had a desire to continually grow as an artist. When creating, Tadlock is motivated by structure and balance while constantly taking risks and pushing the medium to its limits. She is fascinated by the relationships found in her artwork; tension between colors, space and balance, all reflections of personal experiences and emotions.

Using a conceptual approach, Tadlock’s work is meant to captivate and engage her audiences while leaving the interpretation open for each observer to find.


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HeARTS in Healing offers opportunities for everyone to help the patients and families at the Avera Behavioral Health Center.

Get Started!

Contact Elijah Bonde, Annual Giving Coordinator, to become a sponsor to day!


Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Sponsorship ($5,000+)
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Additional Opportunities

Become a "Friend of Avera Behavioral Health Center" by making a gift of $250 – $1,000 and be recognized accordingly. Or, make an online gift of any amount to benefit the patients and families at Avera Behavioral Health.

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Thanks to supporters like you, proceeds from HeARTS in Healing directly benefit patients and families at Avera Behavioral Health Center through the Art in Healing Program and patient/family navigation services. Last year, over $85,000 was raised to serve patients and families at Avera Behavioral Health Center. Thank you to our artists, sponsors, event attendees for making gifts to support the health and well-being of the local community.

Art in Healing

Avera Behavioral Health Center provides excellent care through passionate staff, state-of-the-art facilities and the latest treatment methods. Our dedication to guiding the future of behavioral health care has led to innovative treatment methods including the use of art for healing purposes. Below are some stories from patients who have directly benefited from your gifts!

"I cannot believe the difference in our son. You helped me find the child I knew was in there. He smiles easily, jokes around, is playful and doing well in school. He’s improved so much since hospitalization. Thank you to the staff for the care provided to our son and family."


"All of the Avera Behavioral Health staff was absolutely supportive, uplifting and positive and I commend the entire staff for what they do. I believe they are all good and faithful servants. They truly are God's mission that has come to help us when we cannot help ourselves. I got a lot out of this stay and can’t thank you all enough. Everyone deserves a thumbs up!"


"The nurses and techs literally went above and beyond the call of duty and never invalidated me or my feelings and condition. They were great. I didn't think they could teach me much, but they did! I learned a lot that will stay with me always."


Live Better. Live Balanced. Avera.

Avera is a health ministry rooted in the Gospel. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values.

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