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Virtual Visits

For the safety of our patients, we’re requiring that many scheduled appointments now be conducted as virtual visits using one of two methods: AveraNow or AveraChart Portal. 

At this time, the clinic will decide which appointments should move to a virtual visit. You will receive an email to confirm or decline your appointment. The new appointment will be at the same appointment time, but could be rescheduled depending on the provider’s schedule. Virtual visits will run through insurance like a normal clinic visit.

Your clinic will reach out to reschedule any current appointments as a virtual visit.

Please Be Advised

You cannot create a virtual appointment with your provider from this page. You must contact your clinic and have them set the appointment for you.



For instructions on how to use AveraNow, see our virtual visit instructions. If you need further assistance, contact the AveraNow help desk at 855-269-3551.

How to Access AveraNow for Virtual Visits

AveraNow Virtual Visit Guide

View virtual visit guide

AveraNow Virtual Visit Guide

AveraChart Portal


For instructions on how to use AveraChart Portal, see our portal instructions. If you need further assistance, contact the portal help desk at 1-855-667-9704.

How to Access AveraChart for Virtual Visits

AveraChart Portal Guide

View virtual visit guide

AveraChart Virtual Visit Guide

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