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View a Photo Tour of the Avera Queen of Peace Women's Center

women's center lobby

Welcome to the Avera Queen of Peace Women’s Center. We are happy you selected us for this momentous event. You and your support person will enter the locked unit via this lobby.

Delivery suite

Upon arrival to the Women’s Center, you will be placed in one of our state-of-the-art labor and delivery rooms.

Delivery suite with tv

This photo is a different angle of one of the labor and delivery rooms showing a HD TV, birthing bed and a storage cabinet that holds labor supplies.

Delivery suite monitor system

Your infant will be monitored by a centralized fetal monitor system. The monitor depicts your infant’s heart rate in utero, as well as monitoring your contractions. Additional portable fetal monitors are also available if you are allowed to ambulate during labor. Your provider is able to view your strip at the office, at home or on their phone.

Tracking bracelets

We are proud of the security measures in the Women’s Center protecting you and your infant. After birth, your baby will receive a HUGs tracking tag that is placed around the ankle. Staff know the location of your infant at all times. In addition, the mother will receive a KISSES bracelet that has been synched to your infant’s HUGs tag. If you need to rest and want your infant to go to the Nursery, the system will make a harmonious sound indicating the correct infant/mother match upon returning your baby to you.

mother's room

After delivery, you will be moved to one of our nine spacious postpartum rooms. Each room has a whirlpool tub/shower for you to enjoy, as well as a comfortable recliner for your support person. In addition, there is a small refrigerator in your room for you to utilize..

mother's room alternate angle

An alternate view of the mother's postpartum room.

Baby Cradles

Your infant will be placed in one of our bassinettes during their stay. Infants must be transported to and from the Nursery in the bassinette. For security, no one is allowed to carry infants in the hallway.

Baby Cradles 2

We encourage breastfeeding as the gold standard in infant nutrition. Staff are trained in breastfeeding support to assist you. In addition, Boppy pillows are available on the unit if you wish to leave yours at home. If you prefer to feed your infant formula, nursing staff can assist you with that request. The hospital supplies Similac products for you to utilize during your stay.

nursery equipment

This is some of the equipment used to assess your infant in the Nursery. This includes an infant warmer, monitors and other safety equipment. We encourage couplet care or, in other words, having your baby in your room with you so you can observe feeding cues and become familiar with your infant. Some infants stay with their mother the entire time during hospitalization. After birth, some infants transition the first few hours in the Nursery. This gives the provider and nursing staff an opportunity to assess your infant. This photo shows you equipment used during that period. The large piece of equipment is the infant warmer and monitors and other resuscitation equipment are noted on each side

Level II Nursery equipment

On occasion, infants may require additional care. We have a Level II Nursery and we keep infants locally for IV fluids, medications, oxygen support and/or phototherapy.

Avera Queen of Peace Women's Center Photo Tour

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