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Geometric News Search Banner

The recommended image size to use in the colored Geometric CTA banners is 960px by 460px and is rendered as a background image, making it flexible and accessible with different screen sizes and browsers. The banner has a minimum height of 460px set on desktop and will grow in height as needed for responsive design when the content grows in length. The height for the image on mobile is set to 200px. The Dynamic Content for the page should be set to "Search for Pages with Date" and the specifc News Search banner pre-defined template should be used if wanting the seach to appear in the banner, as shown above.

Admin Application

Create a new banner panel under the 'Panels - Create New Panel' option within VitalSite. Name your banner panel so it's easy to identify when needing to apply to the page later. Use the 'Page/Panel Elements' pre-defined templates dropdown within the admin and select the 'Services Banner: Geometric - Clinical Trials Search' option. Then update the text and image source appropriately and save your new panel. This panel should now appear in your Layout list when creating a new page. All banner options can be used on both the parent and child templates.


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